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The Scout

Posted by WonderKing Thursday September 17 2009 at 5:39PM
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Written by Tommy Luo
Assistant Product Manager


The Scout is a ranged-class character, equipped with evasive maneuvers and defensive spells. Scouts are experts in dictating the flow of combat and are masters of manipulating enemies like a puppet master and its dolls. When we designed the Scout, we wanted the player to have various options available at all times. For a person to excel as a Scout, he or she will need quick thinking and foresight. A Scout’s main stat is dexterity, the stat that increases hit-rate. Hitting every shot is very critical to damage output as well as the manipulation of combat. To truly control a battle, a Scout will need to think ahead and be one step quicker than the opponent.

Scouts have two weapons in their arsenal: guns and bows. Bows have a faster attack speed and fire twice on every other shot. Guns have a slower attack speed, but do more damage with each shot. Each type of weapon has unique strategies. For example, a Scout using a gun’s slower attack speed would have to employ clever tactics to make an opponent think that he or she could launch a successful attack on the Scout, only to have the Scout cancel the attack and use a quick back-step to leave the enemy exposed.

At level thirty, a Scout is at a crossroads of two incredibly different paths: ranged dominance or organized chaos. A Scout can advance to Archer to rule the world of ranged attacks. Or, the player can advance their Scout to a Gunner. This character is a wild cowboy who can seemingly be everywhere at once.
An Archer uses the power of Mother Nature to deliver deadly attacks. They call upon fairies that guide an arrow to mercilessly pierce their enemies. They are also able to summon magical projectiles that become devastating cyclones upon contact with the enemy. Mother Nature will never leave her child unattended. Archers can summon roots from the ground to trap earthly foes in place, giving the Archer numerous options in eliminating them. An archer can conjure leaves defensively, or attack enemies with their sharp leafy blades. Although novices in the art of natural magic, upon reaching level 80, they are able to advance to Ranger, the guardian of all animals.

A Gunner presents Windus with a combination of the Wild West and futuristic machinery. Gunners are fearless renegades who crash into enemies by rolling through melee range and knocking down everything in their path. They are able to use a shotgun that scatters bullets, knocking back all enemies within a short range. When push comes to shove, a Gunner will pull out a bazooka to blast enemies away with thunderous impact. When a Gunner reaches level 80, they may embark on a quest to become the expert of untamed fusion skills, the Gunslinger.

The Scout class has a higher learning curve than other classes. However, when mastered, they can become deadly opponents who are both feared and revered.