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The Swordsman

Posted by WonderKing Thursday September 3 2009 at 6:17PM
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Written by Tommy Luo
Assistant Product Manager


The Swordsman is a melee class with defensive talents that can equip both a one-handed sword and shield, or a two-handed sword. A lot of their damage output is dictated by their weapon, but the fluidity behind their role lies in their choice of sword. With a one-handed sword, a Swordsman has a shorter reach in comparison to the two-handed sword, but their physical defense is greatly enhanced by the option to equip a shield. With a one-handed sword, the damage they can inflict upon enemies is very stable and they can knock enemies back with a shield. With a two-handed sword, the amount of damage a Swordsman can dish out is unpredictable. For example, if a one-handed sword can do 250-255 damage, a two-handed sword will do 100-450 damage. The potential to inflict great damage unto enemies lies in the rage behind a great claymore, whereas the ability to protect your allies is embedded in the fortitude of a shield.

A Swordsman’s skills work harmoniously with each other. Combos that a Swordsman can perform are easy to use, and devastating to opponents. The first three skills that a Swordsman obtains are Upper Flash, Flame Break, and Crash Down or Shock Stinger, depending on which skill tree you want to climb. Using these skills in the proper order will set off a combo chain. Upper Flash will knock enemies into the air, Flame Break will launch them far away, and Crash Down or Shock Stinger will propel your character forward and finish them off with overwhelming force.

At level 30, a Swordsman’s talents are greatly enhanced upon completing the character advancement quest. This is where your character faces a difficult decision between two paths that will determine the fate of who you will be: A Warrior; an unstoppable force, or a Knight; an immovable wall.

Choosing the path of a Warrior will give you only one choice: live and die by the sword. As a Warrior, you must be willing to sacrifice your own life force to take down the enemy. A Warrior harnesses the blaze of an inferno, binds it to a two-handed sword, while burning oneself in the process, to deal an impressive amount of damage. Excelling in the obliteration of all that oppose you, a Warrior’s melee talents are unquestioned. Upon reaching level 80, a Warrior will be allowed to evolve into the reckless zealot known as the Berserker.

A Knight’s path is one of courage and sacrifice. A Knight is the first person to charge into battle and take enemies head on. A Knight’s extraordinary defense allows the class to be the first and only choice as a party’s main tank. As a holy soldier, a Knight is able to utilize a wide variety of light-based attacks that is able to electrify enemies into submission. Upon reaching level 80, a Knight will be allowed to evolve into a celestial champion, the Paladin, Windus’ greatest shield.

The Swordsman class is very well-rounded and has a high ceiling. Strategies and how you play your character may alter depending on which path you take and what skills you invest in, but both advancements are very fun to play.