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Gameplay and Tough Decisions for PvP

Posted by WonderKing Friday July 24 2009 at 5:01PM
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Deciding to develop a 2D, side-scrolling game instead of a 3D game was easy. Our company, Ryu & Soft, has had experience in developing 2D games for quite some time and given that 2D games are our forte and our passion, we wanted to continue concentrating on the 2D genre. Additionally, the majority of our player base prefer 2D games over 3D games. Therefore, we decided for our users to start developing WonderKing. With our experience and skills in making 2D side-scrolling games, our mission was to provide another option – diverse in its elements with unique systems and content, yet still dedicated to the 2D side-scrolling MMORPG elements. We kept all this in mind as we dreamt of WonderKing.

Instead of forcing users to go through a legion of quests with similar objectives (and the redundancy of it), we wanted to develop quests that are special and exclusive to our game. The outcome was our system of “Mission Quests.” The quest is obtained through ordinary methods, but the conditions in accomplishing the objectives lead players to a specific Mission map portal. Upon entering the portal, there are specific requirements that must be met to complete the objective. The variety of Missions include: defense of an object from a horde of monsters, destroying a glowing monument that’s drawing evil closer to the town and threatening the sanctity of the village, guiding an NPC to the end of the Mission map safely, racing against other NPCs, and many more. We wanted our users to have a different experience and a unique brand of fun in each and every Mission map available in the game. Currently, we have 30+ Mission maps ready for users to enter, and we plan to add many more in the future.

One of the other unique things we wanted to implement in the game was the inability to use potions during PvP. Another limitation we implemented is that there are only three quick slots that a user can utilize in battle, so we challenge them to be very smart in their choices. Although we were unsure about how inconvenient disallowing potion usage could be in PvP, extensive testing brought us to the conclusion that with only three quick slots at a player’s disposal and a restriction from using potions, there were still diverse and distinct skill setting customizations that could be done before heading into battle. Furthermore, predicting an opponent’s skill setting promotes using one’s wits to come up with clever tactics to outsmart the challenger.

Additionally, there are many maps that PvP can be engaged in. It is not just a simple difference of graphics and setting between the maps – there are different traps, jump boosters, HP recovery items, strategic geographical features (such as staying in the right platform) and variations of all these features in each and every map.

Overall, we wanted to emphasize that it is not just a character’s strength and weakness that determines the outcome of PvP, but customization of quick slots, intelligence in using one’s surroundings, and even great fortune that can sway the tide of battle. Game play in WonderKing is more fun this way and this type of strategizing will give players a more satisfying victory in the end.

sakuramage writes:

looks interesting


Wed Jul 29 2009 7:31PM Report
sakuramage writes:

looks interesting


Wed Jul 29 2009 7:31PM Report
warty writes:

does this game still use gameguard? :( its a good game but way not worth installing GG for. a shame

Thu Jul 30 2009 4:20AM Report
Lapinas writes:

Well, I play this game and i must say it is better than MS because it has better graphics and those mission maps ROCK!!!

Thu Jul 30 2009 4:58AM Report
Lapinas writes:

Well, I play this game and i must say it is better than MS because it has better graphics and those mission maps ROCK!!!

Thu Jul 30 2009 4:58AM Report
mmoguy43 writes:

The special and exclusive quests mentioned are not new ideas at all. All these types of quests can even be found in AoC. And if the quests are the best method of level players will feel that they is what that have to do (forced).

Wed Aug 05 2009 5:10PM Report
Trucidation writes:

@dontbugme: by the same token, the WoW devs are "fagets" as well because their concept certainly isn't anywhere near original either.


Thu Aug 06 2009 10:24AM Report
AoiAnoSora writes:

@dontbugme: wonderking is completely different from maplestory.

like in maple u cant double jump *unless that thief skill* but here u can. 2nd.. this game has a dash that is not restricted to one job.

3d the job adv. are harder then in maple so u realy have to do somethin for it.

4th this game has pvp from the beginning and maple doesnt even after all the years it exist.

so i say wonderking may be looking the same and if it is a *copy*

it sure is a better one <.<

*i played in both CBI and CBII now w8in for OB*

Fri Sep 25 2009 2:22AM Report
Trucidation writes:


A few differences in control scheme doesn't make it "completely different", come on. You still have a bunch of cookie-cutter pre-set classes and skills.

Doesn't mean it's not a good game, but I'm tired of hearing people say that new game X is "unique" among all games of genre Y... when in fact the differences are cosmetic in nature.

Fri Oct 30 2009 9:31PM Report writes:
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