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The Story Behind WonderKing

Posted by WonderKing Thursday June 18 2009 at 7:09PM
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Ryu & Soft started in a small city called “Daegu” in South Korea and was officially founded in December of 1999. It is located on a university campus where youth and creativity are always around. Approaching our ten year anniversary, we have been PC online game developers for quite some time and continue to strive to be the best 2D game developer.

Before we developed WonderKing, we had a lot of casual games and decided to try taking on an MMORPG, which can be said to be the essence of online games. MMORPGs also proved to be the most popular type of games among players. Once we decided to develop a 2D MMORPG, there was no turning back. The drive and passion to be the best 2D developer is what fueled our ambition to start WonderKing.

WonderKing is our newest title here at Ryu & Soft and we’re quite happy with our partnership with Ndoors Interactive, who will be introducing the game to the North American market. Prior to WonderKing, we developed several other games, including the more widely known, Push Bear and The War of Roses. We mostly develop casual games based on 2D technology. Push Bear is one such PC game that is basically a dodge ball game where players can battle with up to 3 vs. 3. Our other popular game, War of the Roses, is an online blind dating game that utilizes mini games and quizzes to express psychological aspects of different genders. While these are lighter games, WonderKing ventures into the world of MMORPGs.

We wanted to make WonderKing into a game that everyone will find interesting – from the graphics, right down to the title. The title actually stemmed from a game called Wonderboy. We took “wonder” and added it to our title to give it the same charm as Wonderboy. WonderKing is based on the conflict between the good and bad – or in this case, between the human world and the Demon King, Baalon. Baalon started causing trouble when his sinister powers were strongest, causing the human world to fall into great chaos. The world was in dire need of a hero who could restore order in the troubled world. Players will take on this hero role as they attempt to defeat the Demon King and ultimately earn the title of “WonderKing.”

The story of WonderKing stems from the hatred of the Demon King, Baalon, who believes that his evil creatures are superior to the humans. This elitist attitude is what caused him to want to control humans. To start this takeover, he made a “Gate Stone” to control the doors to different worlds so that he could enter the human realm. His mass genocide caused the Esior Continent to fall into chaos. All of a sudden, Hades, a world to the dead, was overflowing with occupants and Baalon was able to round up zombies to populate his army, “Zero Force.” Immediately, the human world was thrown into a war against Baalon and the Zero Force. The humans put up a good fight, but were no match to Baalon and his evil troops, eventually falling under his control. The chaos and destruction continued as more monsters continued to appear and the pain the humans endured increased. When all hope seemed to be lost, Jexius, a famous prophet, came and revealed a hopeful message:

“The Holy King will rise in an unoccupied island to cleanse the dirty blood and erase the dark shadow.”

This prophecy gave the people hope that a Holy King will come to rid the world of Baalon and his evil minions. The hero will be the Wonderking, saving the world from evil and darkness and restoring peace.