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WindSlayer 2 – Trust Your Abilities

Posted by IgnitedGames Tuesday January 10 2012 at 1:19PM
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Shared by Tommy Luo
We will be delving once again into the world of combat that is quite prevalent in WindSlayer 2. A few entries ago I touched on the various classes that a player can choose from as well as took a dive into the PvP Arena and now we will combine the two for some heart pumping action!
In the days of ‘retro’ fighting games, players would have to figure out the special moves of their character and put them together to form combos that cause massive damage to their enemies. WindSlayer 2 is no different, allowing you to use the skills purchased from trainers to demolish your adversaries out in the world or in the Arena. It is a good idea to visit the Arena and spectate a few matches to see what skills the combatants are using to attack and counter-attack with.
Some skills allow you to close the gap between you and your enemy, such as the Counter’s Dragon Kick, while others repel or keep them at bay. Learning when to use your skills instead of simply ‘spamming’ them is the first step to becoming a successful Arena superstar. You can hone your skills while adventuring the lands fighting off the encroaching evils and questing for the local villagers.
Your choice of a class will greatly alter the way you play because not all melee (or ranged) classes are built the same. Some are tailored towards fighting single targets while other classes have a greater advantage battling multiple enemies, such as a Mage. Their powerful Area of Effect (AoE) spells not only cause immense damage but can also cause knockbacks or even freeze the enemies in place. Most classes have some sort of immobilization or stun skill which allows them to lock their enemy in place to open up into a series of combos if landed correctly.
As you gain more experience battling in WindSlayer 2, you will not only learn how to use your characters skills more effectively but also be able to pull off dash escapes and blocks with ease. This might take some time and practice, but luckily there are plenty of Arena Slayers awaiting their next mentee and will gladly teach you the ropes of combat.
For a deeper look into using your character abilities and combat in WindSlayer 2, check out the official forumsfor great hints and strategies from our seasoned veterans. Make sure to also visit our Facebookpage too for upcoming events and news.