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Speaker for the Galaxy, speaker for the dead

Star Wars Galaxies was the greatest MMORPG I ever played. I miss it and I want to talk about the game I once knew and loved, hoping upon hope it will return again in all it's glory and wonder.

Author: Ichben

Speaker for the Galaxy, Speaker for the Dead (Entry #2)

Posted by Ichben Thursday November 12 2009 at 9:55PM
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Today I went to a bar and I drunk a lot of beer and liquor. I got wasted, I got hammered and I got drunk. I nearly passed out and was barely able to make it home before I became a victim of my own darkness, a victim of my misery.

When I entered my house on that dark and dreary night I entered a house that was dead. I had no friend to comfort me, no partner to hold my hand and not a companion who could possibly understand what I was going through because my friend, my partner and my companion were all dead and gone. They had died along with the galaxy and they had died and gone to the stars.They died, and with their death, a little part of me died along with them. Little parts of my soul and spirit are dying every day and I don't know how to stop the blood from bleeding through my brain. I don't know how to stop the blood, from driving me insane!!!

I think about them often and I miss them terribly. I miss them so bad it hurts to even breathe!! I love them more now than I ever did when they were alive and it pains me to admit that, but it's the truth. When were were alive and well and together as a family we had some great adventures. We had good times and bad times. We laughed and we cried. We kissed and we loved each other the best way we could. We loved each other until the night was blue and the day was young. We did everything together, we were a family.

Everything was fine in our world until the dark man came. When the man in the black suit came he ruined everything and everything we knew and loved were lost. He turned the stars into dark clouds and the rainbows into frightening storms of thunder and lightening, striking at our hearts and souls with devestating hunger and unbelievable pain. The terrifying storm was killing softly, it was killing us slow and we knew we couldn't live in a world like this. We knew we could not live in a world full of thunder and lightening, full of heartache and suffering, created by an evil man dressed in black with an evil smile and wicked grin. We knew we had to go away, and go away we did. We said our goodbyes. Kissed our loved ones goodbye. And said our final goodbyes to the galaxy. The galaxy that filled our hearts with gold.

Tonight I went to a bar today and tonight I drunk a lot of beer. I nearly drunk myself to sleep that night, I nearly drunk myself to death. Sometimes I wish I had died because the lonliness I feel when I walk into that empty house is unbearable. With no galaxy, who do I go to talk too? Who do I share my secrets with? And who do I share my dreams? What am I suppose to do in a world with no lights and a world with no sabers?

Almost everyday I cry myself to sleep. Praying I don't wake up, praying I have a lovely dream about the galaxy and its glory days of old. Luckily for my sake, most of my dreams are sweet dreams because my dream takes place in the galaxy. It is here where I am most happy, here where I am most alive. I wish I could stay alseep forever and never leave for good. That way i would not have to resort to the bottle and drink myself to sleep.

I wouldn't have to take drugs and swallow a lot of pills to feel like I"m in heaven because I would already be in heaven, I would already be a god in the sky. Instead I am a mere mortal, forced into running in a rat race with no end in sight. A race with no finish line, only circles of pain and circles of darkness all throughout the race. I am stuck here with the rats and the prolls of this dark and dreary world when I'd rather be somewhere else, somewhere other than here.

Sometimes I wish there was a magic door I could go through. A door that would take me to other worlds and other places than these. A world that could take me to another galaxy in time. I know there are other worlds out there. And I know there are other places than these because my friend told me so. My friend, Jake, a boy from the galaxy I once knew and loved, told me there were other world's than these. I didn't believe him at first, but than he showed me and I was a believer, I knew it was true!!!

He showed me the world's right before he died when the galaxy was ripped into pieces by the dark man, the man in the black suit. When he died my hopes and dreams died along with him. The galaxy was destroyed and so where my hopes and dreams.
Someday we will meet again, my galaxy, my friends, my lovers. Someday we will all meet again in the place where there is no darkness. The place where there is no time. And we will be happy again. We will love each other the way we use too. We will love each other the way brothers and sisters do when they are playing together. The way husbands and wives do when they are making love. We will love each other and the galaxy will love us back. All will be WELL!!!

But for now that love will have to wait. The galaxy is gone and the world as we know it is dead. I am lonely and scared, frightened and alone and I do not know where to run or hide. The only thing I know how to do is drink the juices of the green fairy, and smoke her beautiful grass. Until the day comes when I see her again, my galaxy, my baby girl of old. writes:
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