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Speaker for the Galaxy, speaker for the dead

Star Wars Galaxies was the greatest MMORPG I ever played. I miss it and I want to talk about the game I once knew and loved, hoping upon hope it will return again in all it's glory and wonder.

Author: Ichben

What happened to my galaxy?? What happened to my girl??

Posted by Ichben Saturday September 11 2010 at 1:24PM
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What happened to the girl I use to care for?The girl I use to love. What happened to her? Where did she go? I miss her bad because I am lost without her. I am lost without my baby by my side, holding my hand when I am lonely, holding my hand when I am cold.

I get angry sometimes when I think of her. I get mad because I had her in the palm of my hand and I let her go. She fell from my grasp, slip through the tips of my fingers like quicksand from a bottle of liquid glass. Why did this have to happen? Why did the red monster have to come into our lives and take away the only thing that matters to us? The only thing that cared for our safety and happiness?

I miss touching her at night. I miss seeing her face when we make love, having sex together all throughout the night and into the day. We made pretty noises doing nasty things in the process. Things I can't describe on this forum, things I'm not allowed to say out loud because it was our little secret, it was our little thing. The kind of things capable of making a grown man blush and a grown woman smile and laugh. We did things together that was special, it was all love.

Guys and gals, as you all know, I am in pain. It hurts to talk about the past but I have no choice but to talk about the past because the past is all I am and all I ever will be, and let me tell you my friends, it sucks man, it really does. I can still taste her in my mouth as she rode and bucked on my tongue. Her juices were sweet and her lips were soft and so damn tender, so damn soft and damn gentle. Her screams when we made love were magic to my ears. Her moans made my heart melt. Her tears made me spill tears of joy.

“Fuck me harder baby, suck me good” she said. I did what I was told to do and I did it well. I grab her nice soft breast, play with her nice firm nipples and suck her nice firm tits. Her nipples stand at attention to me, they love me the way I love her. She loves me and I love her. I stand up, admiring my glorious galaxy. “Oh come on suga, come back to bed baby, come back to momma so momma can rub your sweet little head” she says. I obey my baby and she rewards me with her tongue, and the rest, well, the rest is history.

All of that was a long time ago. It's a thing of the past now. A distant memory in a time and place where stars and wars were common. A time and place where galaxies were filled with light and hope galaxies were filled with dreams of destiny and dreams of peace. But now my dream, my galaxy is dead, she is dead and her dreams are gone and so are mine.

I couldn't protect her from the monster of the darkness, the bad man of the night. I couldn't protect her from the clown who came into my room. The clown with the balloons, the clown with the intention of destruction, it's intention was foul and dirty and I could do nothing to stop it. I felt powerless, I WAS powerless, but it doesn't matter how I felt back than because the monster did what he wanted to do. He took my girl from the palm of my hand, seduced her in ways that were not understandable to me. His methods were maddening, his will was something that was, well, out of this world.

“Don't go to him my love!! Don't TOUCH THE BALLOONS!!!” I scream to her these words but she doesn't seem to hear me. She's lost in the eyes of the clown. The balloons capture her attention, captivate her imagination. Something is happening to her, something is wrong. I go to her. I try to pull her back but when I touch her she is cold, she feels like she's dead. “Baby? You there darling? Are you all right???” She says nothing, she is silent, she is cold. The clown laughs, his teeth are yellow, flies are going in and out its mouth, its disgusting, it's bad. “I love big brother, and the balloons are pretty” she says. Her voice is flat, it's a voice of a robot, a lifeless human being.

“No, no, no!!” I scream “You don't mean that, you don't...YOU DON”T!!!” “Oh yes she does” said the clown “She loves me and I'm gonna love her like a whore loves grass. I'm going rape your bitch, shove my cock up her ass 'til she bleeds, make her eat my shit and drink my piss. She's gonna love me boy. She's going drown in my vomit, suffocate on my cum. She's mine now boy, your little peach is mine.”

I protest, I scream, I tell him I will stop him, “I will not let you take my GIRL!!!” I say. The clown opens his mouth, flies come out, they attack me, I pass out. When I come to my senses, the clown is gone and so is my galaxy.

Will I ever see her again? Will I ever be strong enough to defeat the monster, the clown, the Crimson King??? I don't know what has happened to her but I know she's out there, somewhere in the land of the dead, the badlands of empathica in the evil hands of the king. Someday I will find her and when I do I will hold her hand and she will hold mine. Until than, I will continue the struggle to find peace and happiness in a world that is all to often filled with pain and hardship. She will return to me someday. She will come home and bring light to a world that is getting ever so darker by the day. I love you my darling galaxy, always have and always will.