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Speaker for the Galaxy, speaker for the dead

Star Wars Galaxies was the greatest MMORPG I ever played. I miss it and I want to talk about the game I once knew and loved, hoping upon hope it will return again in all it's glory and wonder.

Author: Ichben

The Children of Azeroth

Posted by Ichben Sunday January 18 2015 at 11:55PM
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I’m not wow’ed by wow any more either but I still love the game as if it were my long lost friend from a long lost galaxy far, far away from here in a place in space and time where animals can talk and roads are as sweet as gold. I was banned from the game I loved a long time ago, not because I was a bad boy but a good boy trying not to be bad to those who didn’t understand the purpose of the quest they were embarking and the world of which they lived and played for hours at a time. 

You see Poultry, the game taught me to love others as if they were my sacred friend. It taught me to love those who didn’t know me and even those who hated me for being a hippie or a Jesus freak. The game told me to love them because it was the right thing to do because they needed the love and the kindness in their hearts because it was missing and it was killing them slowly. It was killing them softly and hard.

It was like they were missing a piece of a puzzle somewhere in the World of Azeroth. They didn't know it was missing but they had a feeling something wasn't there and deep down they knew they had to find it or else they will die a death not of the body but a death of the soul. And to make matters worse they didn’t even know what to look for and this frustration, this rage made them angry. It made them want to lash out at the world around them, making them want to hurt those who only wanted to help them with their struggle and their pain. They wanted to hurt me and they called me dirty names but I didn’t let that bother me. As a matter of fact, I embraced their anger, took their pain into the belly of my heart hoping upon hope my sacrifice will help they anger dissipate, never haunting their nightmares and their dreams ever again.

My friends as I’ve told you before and I will tell you again I am not WoW’ed by WoW anymore. My days and nights in the world of Azeroth are long gone. But this does not mean I still don’t think about the crying children of Azeroth who need me to care for them, to hold them, and to love them as if they were a cherished lullabye in a sweet tender song.

I hear their cries all the time when I am asleep at night. I hear them and I want to help them but I can’t help them because I’m always so far away from their agony. I’m so distant from their pain and this makes me mad because I know I can do a better job at making their world a better place for all involved in this War of Warhearts.

Sadly when I awake from these dreams I am reminded that the Lich King is still supreme in the hearts and minds of the children looking for gold and looking for quest. The mad man encourages such behavior and I think this type of attitude is downright wrong. But how can one reason with a madman full of liches and worms? How can one reason with a King who has lost his way in the hallowed nights of the world that has long since moved on? I suppose only time will tell I guess. Time and love and happiness. Time and a little bit of loving full of sweet dreams and candy canes all throughout the land.