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Final Fantasy XIV - What can one expect from this Square-Enix's next-gen MMO?

In this blog I talk about SE's new upcoming MMO 'Final Fantasy XIV (Online)'.

Author: Hyanmen

Direction of the blog

Posted by Hyanmen Monday June 22 2009 at 7:37AM
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 Hello everyone, my name is "Hyanmen" and I am the writer of this FFXIV blog which will give insight as to what can one expect to see in this upcoming Square-Enix MMORPG. The blog will consist of mainly speculation and analysis based on the changes seen in Square-Enix's (from now on SE) first MMORPG Final Fantasy XI, as well as the news and interviews about the subject. If you haven't played FFXI past level 10, here you can find out what kind of game it really is- and if it will affect FFXIV and how.

Since the development team has said in the Q&A session of E3 that FFXIV will differ significantly from it's predecessor, there is not much sense to try to speculate in much detail about the things such as crafting or leveling, since those will probably see the biggest changes compared to eleventh Final Fantasy (even then I'll take a brief look at them, if just to give insight how they work in FFXI to give a general idea).  There is still lot to talk about however, such as the endgame structure and the possible similarities between the 2 titles, so I'll put my focus on talking about those subjects until more info is released in September.

The blog will be quite biased to the FFXI direction- I'm basing most of the things I say to 2 assumptions:

1) While the game will be different from FFXI, the general direction seen in the MMO will stay as it is or change slightly.

2) The development team will use ideas implemented in FFXI someway or the other in XIV.

Tomorrow I'll start the blog by talking about what differences one could expect in FFXIV compared to other popular MMO's such as WoW, WAR and Aion- if there even are any.