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Hrothmund's random ramblings.

Tune in, you never know what you may find here!

Author: Hrothmund

Our "Wonderful" Community

Posted by Hrothmund Friday December 14 2007 at 1:56AM
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I would like to pose a question to you all. Why is it that online communities seem to strive on proclaiming failure and discontent? Hell, if my office was filled with the sort of whiners that inhabit most forums, I'd probably end up fighting every Friday when we go out for pints as a collective. Now, I'm not here to suggest that living in a lobotomized state of bliss is something to strive for, but I think some people really need to unequip their +10 critical blade of whining.


Yes, if a game is crap, fire away, I'm not afraid to do that. The fact is, most of the "expert" opinions we see on online forum boards are not based on first hand experience of the issue they are regarding. My experience is that most of the content in online communities is created by bandwagon monkeys, people who just ape other users opinions, writing styles and even avatars to fit in and create a name for themselves. In many cases, this is not unfortunate, many times the generalized opinion of the clone community is not far away from the truth. However, there are cases where an influential user, or group of users(In either case a small minority of the community.) manage to manipulate their opinions to be the accepted reality.  This, is where the "cumulative"(What I mean by this, is that the opinions seem to grow from moderate to extreme, as more people pick up on the idea.) opinion of online communities is at its worst.


This issue for me is a double-edged sword, no matter how much I dislike the extremity of the opinions on online forums, the fact that you can express yourself without any censorship is a wonderful freedom, that I think many people do not appreciate enough. We are given such an excellent medium for communication with the internet that we should be thankful for just being able to experience a complete freedom of speech and opinion, a freedom that even our parents could not experience. I just hope that we could all remember this more often when posting.