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Hrothmund's random ramblings.

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Author: Hrothmund

AoC is out and a disappointment, Kil'Jaeden is down. Does this mean success for WAR?

Posted by Hrothmund Thursday June 5 2008 at 1:53PM
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I do not want to be drawn into the AoC flamewar, but I will say my piece about the title.  Simply put, the game to me was a huge disappointment. I am sure some of you are loving the game, as I first did when I started out in beta. Unfortunately for most people, this infatuation will be quite short-lived. This of course is a matter of opinion, but I guess if your idea of an enjoyable MMO is nearly no end-game content and next to no longevity due to the extremely boring game mechanics and poor class balance, have fun with AoC, you deserve it!

Now, if you want to argue with me about AoC, drop me a PM or something, but please, for the rest of my write-up, let's assume the game is nowhere near to what the hype promised.

That done, I can get down to business. AoC is a let down, TBC WoW is 'finished', 'on farm', 'beat' or however you may want to put it.  This means  that out of the three promised  'big-hitters' for 2008 only one title has not revealed its hole cards. This title, of course, is Warhammer Online. The situation in the 'MMO game' could not be better for WAR.

AoC defeated itself by being sub-standard and WoW is losing the interest of its subscribers as all of the PvE content has been completed. A strong showing by EA-Mythic could potentially tip the scales in the MMO market to the direction many of us have been hoping for, away from WoW. Yes, I know Wrath of the Lich King is not that far away either, and the next WoW expansion will most definitely bring back subscribers, but I still think that if WAR lives up to everything Mythic has 'promised', it could be 'the next WoW'.

Why so? World of Warcraft has opened up MMO gaming to a whole new customer base, the casual gaming market. Before WoW, more or less the only people playing MMOs were the hard-core gamers, or what the general public refers to as nerds, geeks, etc. Look at how things have changed! I mean,  Mila Kunis plays WoW, as do many other celebrities.

Hell, my 36-year-old boss plays WoW and he is raiding Sunwell while managing to hang on to the ripple of social life he has left after fathering two children. I think that's amazing! Could you have been considered a 'hard-core' gamer in EQ or UO if you played less than two hours a day on average? I seriously doubt it. Not to stray too far off subject, I think I have maintained that WAR has a much larger potential customer base today, than WoW did at release.

In fact, it couldn't be easier for WAR to succeed. The only real competition out there is WoW, and if Mythic manage to pull everything off bigger, better, harder and stronger, the game will be a huge hit, no doubt about it. After all, the Warcraft universe is more or less a carbon copy of the Warhammer universe. There has been speculation as to whether the first Warcraft title was intended to be a Warhammer game, but Blizzard opted to release it under 'their own' IP due to not reaching an agreeable contract with Games Workshop. Nobody knows for certain, but one can't miss the similarities between two franchises.

All in all, if Mythic comes up with a game that is as enjoyable to play and as easy to pick up as WoW, but offers that 'next-gen' experience and upgrades all around, they have a winner. With the sad state of late MMO launches, I genuinely hope EA-Mythic breaks the norm and releases a title that meets and exceeds the expectations of the masses, instead of crawling under them like a drunken Sigil employee after the release of Vanguard.