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Hrothmund's random ramblings.

Tune in, you never know what you may find here!

Author: Hrothmund

WoW is not what it used to be. Does this mean there will be a decline? (Rant warning!)

Posted by Hrothmund Monday April 14 2008 at 2:14PM
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Whatever your personal opinion is regarding the current state of the game, one thing can not be discounted, 'welfare' epics are are now a reality. It is extremely easy to gather a set of high-quality PvE gear now, making SSC and TK walk-throughs for 'casual' raiding guilds that didn't have the time to farm appropriate gear or to master the encounters before 2.4. I'm not too worried, as I am in what is considered a high-end raiding guild. Illidan has been on farm status for a few months now and we've made nice progress in the Plateau, so I guess this does not affect me or my guild at all? Wrong, wrong wrong!

Blizzard opted once again to simplify and tone down the difficulty of PvE content to accomodate not only the casual player, but also the masses of people MMO vets refer to as nubs, tards, ninjas and various other not very endearing terms. There has been a history of decision making on Blizzard's part to cater to these buffoons. I think it all started in pre TBC, when the gold-buyin PvP 1337 kids were enraged by the fact that AQ 40 and Naxxramas geared PvP 'nubs' were indeed making bloody pulp of them and their inferior gear. I mean come on! These kids AFKed for hours on end in battlegrounds to get their blue PvP set and then out of the blue came these PvE scumbags who had the audacity to outgear them? Or, uhm, wait a minute? Naxx was hard, harder than any instance in TBC in my opinion. AQ 40 was no walk in the park either. I think the PvE crew more than deserved their newfound status as the best geared PvP players in the game for enduring countless wipes in that foul floating rat-trap and rotten sandbox. The masses disagreed. A huge wave of whine threads emerged on the Blizzard forums, and like always, Blizzard listened to the 'casual' player.

From the very beginning of TBC, it was apparent that you needed a seperate set of gear for PvP and PvE if you wanted your character to be a viable participant. This I agree with. Infact, arena season 1 was one of the best PvP periods for the game since US closed beta. I was enjoying myself, PvP was meaningful again. Everyone could get started with PvP and become a household name, no matter their guild or level of PvE knowledge. The situation is quite similar at the moment and I truly enjoy arena. Blizzard has done a good job of making PvP a means for casual players to make their mark as reputable players. This is the way PvP should be done in my opinion, make it relatively easy for everyone to step up and develop their character to the point where they ahve a shot at beating the best of the best in their battlegroup, if only their skills allow it. Well done Blizzard!

Why am I complaining then, if everything is fine on the PvP front? Well obviously because of PvE issues. I've been sorely disappointed with the difficulty of the 25-man raid dungeons. Most encounters in Naxxramas and AQ 40 were much harder than even the end raid bosses in TBC, and on top of the individual skills needed, you also had to organize 40 people to coordinate instead of just 25. Vashj was easy enough before she was nerfed for a reason I can't comprehend. (I acknowledge the entry level raid instance pre TBC was a cakewalk as well, you could pretty much take a random zerg pug into MC and clear it.) The fact is, after Naxxramas only late Hyjal started getting interesting and this was and still is a real buzzkill for me and is slowly but surely distancing me from the game. Progression in TBC is much faster since you only need to get 25 quality raiders instead of 40 to log on. Look at the speed at which Nihilum cleared Illidan! That pretty much should be enough for some alarm bells to start ringing at Blizzard HQ. Come on guys, you are making the game too easy!

Having stated the above, many might label me as an elitist bastard, which I self-admittedly am, so no need for the gratuitous flames. However, I haven't even made my point yet. Since the 25 man instances are already easy enough, what do you think will happen when 'team welfare epic' starts raiding Hyjal and BT? I can tell you, there will be whining and likely more nerfs by Blizzard. This happened already with TK and SSC, so I don't think a BT and MH nerf is far away. Oh the joy of those farming runs! In my experience, as instances have been nerfed, our farming runs have become worse and worse. People log on with their alts and people like myself can get wasted on raids 'since its easier'. Actually, no need for sarcasm here, I actually enjoy those drunken brawls!

Now to sum up my disorganized and angry little write-up. What do I want? I want an other Naxx! I want an instance where you truly have to think up creative strategies, a place that Nihilum or Curse don't clear in two weeks! A place that has bottlenecks which aren't based on a world event or collaborative effort, but on the difficulty of the encounter itself! I was really liking the direction Blizzard was taking the PvE experience pre TBC but now, with every new instance I just prepare to get more disappointed and farm away the epics.

Kodell writes:

Interesting...  Honestly, I know it will never happen, but I'd like to see a separation between PvE and PvP.  If Arena Tournemounts become the succes blizz hopes for, I'd like to see the bulk of PvP moved outside of normal WoW.  I'm tired of getting nerfed in PvE when I don't PvP.

Mon Apr 14 2008 2:25PM Report
Hrothmund writes:

Well we aren't getting nerfed, everyone else is getting buffed and the encounters are getting nerfed. =)

Mon Apr 14 2008 2:33PM Report
JB47394 writes:

Would you prefer separate servers with different difficulty levels?

Mon Apr 14 2008 3:00PM Report
telebreth writes:

Something like this might be interesting.

Since Blizzard is proving they can take specific content and server it, why not make insanely hard instances outside of the growing simplicity they are turning end game into. Keep it simple on public servers and allow Guilds to sign up for other servers where instances provide for 10, 25, 40 or more at a time and have them compete for a Dungeon Crawler award. Rank based on who clears first etc.

Even if they didnt make it competitive maybe that is what they could do to still give us a challenge and keep it simple and interesting for the new crowd of people coming in.

Mon Apr 14 2008 3:42PM Report
frostbitewow writes:

Lets face it , wow dosent cater to the hard core gamer , all they care about is money and that means they had to dumb down the content.

out of 100% of the people 5% maybe even less then 5% are the hard core gamer, the rest is noobs , ninjas and i dont want to lump these next guys in with the begining guys , the Casual players.

Me , im waiting for Age of Conan and Warhammer online, yes im geting them both , they look equally diverse and appeal to me in different ways.

Dont get me wrong, im not a world of warcraft hater. Again we must come to terms with reality. The Big Dog MMORPG's dont die because they suck , they die because people crave fresh content. Lets take UO, eq1 and daoc for an example. When they were in the start and peak of their life i never thought that they would ever die, but i was proven wrong three times and Wow just like the rest will be the same way .

Mon Apr 14 2008 6:03PM Report
Hrothmund writes:


In essence, yes. What I would like best is a sort of dynamic difficulty level, with the rewards depending on how well the fight was executed. This is very unlikely to happen, however.


I don't think difficulty levels would be a fair thing either, people getting the same items from a much easier encounter does not seem in balance to me. An option would be to create more endgame content so everyone could experience raiding.

I think dumbing down content so everyone can do every encounter in the game is the worst way to go about designing end game content, and this is exactly what Blizzard is doing.

Mon Apr 14 2008 7:43PM Report
Hrothmund writes:


The top hardcore PvE raiding guilds in the world all play WoW. So yes it does cater to the hardcore gamers, or has in the past at least. A hardcore community I think is vital to any PvE game like WoW, people need something to strive for and look up to. Dumbing down content just makes most goal oriented people lose interest in the game.

I'm not holding my hopes up for AoC or WAR, I'll be pleasantly surprised if they're quality titles.

Mon Apr 14 2008 7:49PM Report
faxnadu writes:

i read it all but my opinion is to hate raid parties. its not what i seek in mmo. and im sure there is more who think alike. so as a nearly 30 year old casual player i say hell yeah to opporturnity to get as good stuff as the fella who sit in front of his computer deny to go work or school casue he n33ds the shit in raid dungeon to outchange the casual player. sorry =)

Tue Apr 15 2008 1:53AM Report
Hrothmund writes:


On average I play less than two hours per day. This makes me a casual player. However I still manage to raid without any difficulties. On top of that the raid instances are simply not hard.


Do you really want a 'feel-good' game that is set a minimal difficulty level just to give you a feeling of accomplishment?

Tue Apr 15 2008 1:59AM Report
vajuras writes:

I'm not a raider but I respect their wishes to have hard content to beat. It's a sort of achiever mentality and a symbol of your skill. That I understand

The only thing-= back in the day it felt very unfair that the raiders was owning us so called "hardcore pvpers". We got mowed down man it was slaughter 24/7. II am glad you recognized those Arenas helped out the PVPErs. I no longer play WoW but I did enjoy for a long time and walked away with good memories

Tue Apr 15 2008 2:10AM Report
syllvenwood writes:

Do you really want a 'feel-good' game that is set a minimal difficulty level just to give you a feeling of accomplishment?


Wow i kinda laughed when i read that cause you just described WoW Hrothmund

Sat Jan 31 2009 4:07AM Report writes:
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