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Casual Thoughts from a Semi-Retired Philosopher

I play MMOs as an alternative to TV. Sometimes it even turns into quality time with the wife and daughter. Most of the time it's a distraction from doing something productive or meaningful.

Author: Hluill

Crossing the Fanged Sea, or How to earn the Undead Destroyer Title

Posted by Hluill Wednesday November 10 2010 at 11:55AM
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It's a continual process for me, clearing out the quest journal.  Most of the time, the quests are sorted by catagory or zone, but, from time to time, I sort by level so I know how low to mentor or chrono.  I wish there were chronomages at every zone line.  I love the mechanic.  Being able to lower one's level to equal that of a group member or a zone is the coolest thing.  It makes this game rock above all others that I've played.

So, the other day, I drop my berserker's level down to forty to take care of some old quests.  Her journal contains a few in Kaladim and Zek and a Hallmark Quest: Crossing the Fanged Sea.  Huh, how long has THAT been there?  I remember something about it.  And I remember boat instances.  I also remember them being really hard with heroic mobs and people to protect and failing them multiple times.  But now my eighty-fifth-level berserker is chrono-ed down to forty, and she's uber anyway.

The journal entry being fairly useless, no surprise, I decide to cheat and hit a spoiler site.

So, I have to pick up two items in Enchanted Lands and Zek, turn them in and then board the ship.  Easy enough to do, even chrono-ed.  Ends up I have one of the items taking up space in her bags already.  So the first trip is wasted -- Item A comes from ZEK, by the by.  I finished some other quests in Zek, and hunted some names.  I tried to finish Lore and Legend: Siren, but the sirens in Zek just weren't dropping any their parts to study.  Well, one part, after clearing their little island several times.  The named that spawned there dropped some cool loot, though.

So I turn in the items and hit the bell to board the boat instance.  The spoiler described two objects that have to be wound every forty-five seconds at either end of the ship.  If they weren't wound, then skeletons would spawn.  So, my 'zerker zones in and I right click on the tripod thingy.  It has to be started before it can be wound.  It's easy enough: run, wind, run, wind...

Then I make the mistake of talking to the quest giver to see what else I should be doing and I blow my forty-five-second window.  Now I have to right click and wipe of the frost and restart the tripod thing.  Next thing I know there are hoards of skeletons all over the deck.

Well my berserker can handle them just fine.  She cuts them down in style but there are literally hundreds of them.  Her health bar isn't moving, but her power bar certainly is.

Seemingly millions of years ago, she finished the Heritage Quest for the Manastone.  Well, she carries it still.  Using it gives her over a hundred in power -- not much, but enough.

Also, as cool as her Combat Abilities are, especially her spins, her auto-attacks do more damage.  So, I conserve power, adding what I can with the Manastone, and focus on keeping that auto-attack button pressed.  This is harder than one might think.  Everytime she kills a skellie, she stops fighting.  I am in a constant process of retargeting and hitting her auto-attack button.

The skellies don't stop spawning.  And they interrupt any attempt I make to wind the tripods.  Finally, as the spoiler described, the quest giver turns into a big, heroic dragon.  But I can't target him to burn him down.  The skellies keep taunting me off and there are so many, scrolling through nearby targets takes forever.  By the time I click on the dragon I may get off one attack before  the skellies taunt me off.  To make things a bit more tense, the dragon can actually do damage to my berserker.

Much frustrated targeting and multiple Area of Effect Attacks later, a quest-completion window pops on my screen, but the skellies keep coming.  And I make the mistake of opening the Acheivements Window and seeing that my berserker has less than a thousand to go to earn her "Destroyer of Undead" title.  And frankly, I wasn't entirely sure how to exit the zone.

There was a lull for long enough for me to find the ship's wheel and discove that it would allow me to zone.  I contempleted exiting then, but I stayed.  I didn't look at the clock so I cannot say how long it took to kill almost a thousand skellies.  My whole existence was based on clicking that manastone, which I moved to the hotbar, and keeping that auto-attack button activated.  I also cycled through her haste-buffing attack and her biggest Area of Effect.  After a while her power bar actually filled and I started using more of her AoEs: Open Wounds, Rampage, Insolence, to name a few.


Earning the title was almost anti-climactic.