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Casual Thoughts from a Semi-Retired Philosopher

I play MMOs as an alternative to TV. Sometimes it even turns into quality time with the wife and daughter. Most of the time it's a distraction from doing something productive or meaningful.

Author: Hluill

A click away from cancelling my SOE Account

Posted by Hluill Wednesday October 17 2012 at 10:11AM
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My "old"computer died last week.  I love the idea of disposeable laptops, especially when I buy the high-performance ones to satisfy my gaming addiction.

So almost two-grand later, I am loading my files and games onto a new computer.  I am required to give credit to the girlfriend here, she did most of the work, MMOs' massive downloads require her office's high-speed connection.  I have yet to reload Everquest 2 or Vanguard.  I probably won't.  I've reloaded The Secret World and Guild Wars 2, and even Lord of the Rings Online, but not my SOE Games.

My dissatisfaction with EQ2 has been a long time in coming.  I think the server merges, where my server lost its Roleplaying title, began my discomfort.  Then there was the Attribute nerf, after I had spent hours and currency on balancing my characters' stats.  Now it seems all the content is outleveling me.  This is also my complaint with LotRO, but I've a Lifetime subscription.

As to Vanguard, there is much I enjoy, but it is such a slow game.  I don't mind taking my time with most of the game's aspects, except grouping.  I am just tired of old-school leveling systems that make it so hard to group with different leveled friends.  This was one of the reasons I continued to play EQ2 and GW2 improves this even further. 

So why is it so hard for me to click the "cancel my account" button?  Am I missing something?  I am anticipating missing something.  I still miss my old Everquest Acount.  But it's similar to missing a past girlfriend: "those days are gone forever, you should just let them go..."  What I miss about those games are memories that cannot be recreated.  I should could concentrate on making new memories.

Maybe I'll think about it for another month.

samhainchld writes: I know how you feel. I picked  up EQ and a bunch of xpacs for somehting like 2.99 about two years ago. Loaded them up and and jumped in with all of these great memories about Butcherblock and the chessboard and orc camps in the commonlands. Either the game has changed so much or I have that I never made it past lvl 6 or 7 with two toons. It's probably a combo of both. Thu Oct 18 2012 7:42AM Report writes:
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