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Casual Thoughts from a Semi-Retired Philosopher

I play MMOs as an alternative to TV. Sometimes it even turns into quality time with the wife and daughter. Most of the time it's a distraction from doing something productive or meaningful.

Author: Hluill

Black Desert Online ruined me...

Posted by Hluill Thursday September 6 2018 at 8:45PM
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Hello. my name is Hluill, and I am an MMO Addict.

I've always paid attention to my gaming time.  I gamed by a simple rule: Real Life before Digital Life.

The other day a buddy asked me if I wanted to get together.  My first thought was to say no.  I had been running marathon sessions in BDO.  I was glued to the game.

Why?  I hated the game.  Sure it was pretty.  And who doesn't like big, jiggly breasts?

The rest of it sucked:  unnecessarily complicated combat combos when a single tap of my right and left mouse-buttons finished the fight, nothing but kill and fetch quests, a really complicated crafting system that made nothing, and a story that was both bland and silly.  And perhaps my biggest gripe: stiletto-heeled sabatons.

And here I was playing this game like a heroin junkie.

As soon as I realized that I was sacrificing real face-time for game time, as soon as the thought to lie to a friend so I could play more entered my head, I knew I was done.  

You know you're an alcoholic when you're binge-drinking mouthwash.

So, I've uninstalled BDO, ESO, SotA, EQ2, TSW, and LotRO.  I've cancelled my subscriptions.  I am abandoning my cherished form of entertainment for decades.  

Wish me luck.