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Casual Thoughts from a Semi-Retired Philosopher

I play MMOs as an alternative to TV. Sometimes it even turns into quality time with the wife and daughter. Most of the time it's a distraction from doing something productive or meaningful.

Author: Hluill

A Few Hours in The Secret World

Posted by Hluill Tuesday July 24 2012 at 9:35AM
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It happened to be on the shelf.  We were in the store, pricing computers for the daughter, and I saw it sitting there on the shelf.  The girlfriend says: "You know you want it, go ahead and get it."  Yeah, she's sexy that way.

So, home to the installation and update process.  What the f@#$!?  Four Gigs?  Really?  I buy the frickin' disc and I have a four gigabyte update?  Even on the girl's high-speed, I have a twenty-seven-hour wait.  I buy the game on a Friday and get to play it Sunday Morning.  Sure, I hear ya, shoulda bought it and taken it to the office, then it would've only been a few hours.

Did I mention that I am getting kinda burnt out on MMOs, the internet and computers in general?  Well, internet access at my home has always been spotty.  It's getting worse.  So I am finding other ways to waste my time, like reading or walking the dog.  I mention this because I am feeling less than stellar about TSW.

Sure, it has a cool skill system, but the combat is the same ol' hit-point level-system.  I hit you, you hit me, rinse, repeat until someone has to respawn.  I also have I major issue with the firearms.  Pistol-grip shotguns, hip-shooting rifles and dual-wielding pistols are all extra silly looking.  Namely because I've tried all those things with real weapons and found them to be worthless, if not plain unwieldy and uncomfortable.  

Since I am talking about stupid-gun mechanics, let me rant for a bit.  The rifle only has less than thirty-meter effective-range.  The shotgun has a ridiculous spread.  And dual-wielding pistols?  Only in Hollywood was that ever a good idea.  The ground-impact graphic at the target's feet make me feel less than accurate.

Yeah, yeah, I know.  It's just a game.  The weapons are just a focus of the avatar's anima.  And I knew this would be an issue for me going in.  I just didn't realize that that it would kill my immersion so severely.  I should've known, though, because even melee graphics are starting to do the same.  If I want cool gun graphics, I should learn to play some twitch-fest RTS.

The quest system is really cool, though.  I like how I am limited to just a few at a time.  But do I have to sit through a five-minute cut-scene just to get them?  I am not a fan of the long cut-scenes, especially since I am experimenting with different characters and rerolling quite a bit.

The game world is fun, and rewarding, to explore.  There are all kinds of back alleys, tunnels, rooms and such in this game.  Exploring and finding lore is great.  But, everyone is doing that, running about, looking for that golden honeycomb.  No one is talking, waving (the emote system in this game sucks) or helping each other.  There is no community.  Admittedly, my standards are high.  My first game was old EQ, more than ten years ago.  I was making friends there as soon as I logged in.

So, fun game, but I see no reason to stay with past my free month, but maybe I will change my mind...