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Casual Thoughts from a Semi-Retired Philosopher

I play MMOs as an alternative to TV. Sometimes it even turns into quality time with the wife and daughter. Most of the time it's a distraction from doing something productive or meaningful.

Author: Hluill

A New LotRO Expansion!?!

Posted by Hluill Friday January 27 2012 at 1:17PM
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My girlfriend told me about it and I haven't researched it all.  According to her, and she knows everything and is always right, LotRO is getting a new expansion in a few months.  It's going to feature Rohan and mounted fighting.  

Sounds cool.  I can't wait to visit Helm's Deep and Edoras.

But wait, what level is it?

Turbine is raising the level cap, again.

My main hasn't even levelled enough to explore the last (two) expansions.

Yeah, I am a loser newb, what some might go so far as to call a casual player.  It's not tlike it's that hard to level.  But I am trying hard not to outlevel the girlfriend, and she's still working on Lothlorien Reputation.  And I like playing with her, in and out of game.

Biologics aside, What the F*@#?

Why is this beautiful and fun game going down this road?

I winced when Turbine increased the stat-mods on gear.  I sighed when they raised the level-cap, the first time.  I shuddered when they introduced Rune-Keepers...

Granted, with every shake and jerk, there were also some cool things, like exploring Moria and Lothlorien.

But some of the cool, original content is now super trivial, like the Old Forest.  And with increased level cap, Angmar will be a joke now.

So, cool new expansion, but it won't change my play experience for a long while.