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Casual Thoughts from a Semi-Retired Philosopher

I play MMOs as an alternative to TV. Sometimes it even turns into quality time with the wife and daughter. Most of the time it's a distraction from doing something productive or meaningful.

Author: Hluill

Tripping over the Details

Posted by Hluill Friday January 13 2012 at 11:13AM
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Yep, been spending waaaay too much time in game.  Got into the EQ2-Frostfell frenzy over the holidays, leveling up crafters, training apprentices, restocking the guild bank, grinding reputation so we can pay the rent on the guild hall, and trying to grind Alternate Advancements.  I am spending all this time trying to keep my guild house in order, meanwhile my real house still needs the dishes washed and the floors vacuumed.


It's so easy to be overwhelmed by details.  I am detailed-oriented sort of guy -- a life-saving quality in my military mind.  So it's too easy for me to fret over having enough reactants, or rares, or critical mitigation, or speed.  These games are designed so that I will fret over this stuff, and thus play more.

So, I have to pay attention to that stuff but ignore that my toon is holding her sword wrong?  Or that crafting dislocates her shoulders? Or ignore that I am spending countless hours mining dirt, which is a key ingredient in her food, of all things?

I remember when EQ2 was in development.  I remember reading the marketing blurbs about how SOE did motion-capture to make the animations all cool and real and all.  Huh, I guess the motion capture wasn't done using people who knew how to hold a two-hander or stand at a workbench.

And why is my toon at a workbench?  To make better gear!  It's all about the gear.  Gotta have better gear!  This game becomes no fun if your toons' gear ain't up to date.  And if you want to hang out with the cool kids, it better be the uber gear, made out of ultra rares and the epic-boss raid-loot.  And gear ain't only about armor and weapons, your toon better have a complete set of jewelry and that rag-doll made out of ultra-rare rags.  And all that stuff better be adorned.   And now there is ultra-uber, raid-required food and drink!  Hence I am mining a lot of dirt, which my guild's provisioner informs me is a required ingredient in many foods.  Makes the mouth water, doesn't it?  Can I have extra dirt with that, please?

Reminds me when I used toilet paper to thicken my field ration, but that is another story.

"Your strength is only 1k and your Crit.-Mit. is only 120%?  Noob!"  Yeah, I haven't raided in a long time.  And I am certainly not dedicated enough to join the guilds that do.  I am still trying to grind my 86th-level berserker to her 200th AA.  Yeah, and my CM is more like 60%.  Feel my noobness and tremble.

So the dividing gulf between me and the uber crowd grows increasly wider, increased divisions in a game that is supposed to be played together.  My guild barely groups anymore.  Last time we played in the same Real-World room, we were in different zones, on different quests.  So sad.

Yep, been plugged in waaaay too much.  Time to take the dog for a run.