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Back to my old life, GAMER!;)

So this is where I am going to write about me coming back from my social life to my old un-social life. So lets so how this goes.

Author: Acees88

Finaly I´m back to basic:p

Posted by Acees88 Tuesday October 30 2007 at 3:41PM
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So here I am, sitting in my new room, my new appartment. I just bought this one and I feel SOOOOOO great at the moment.

Right now my social life is going great, I´m working out alot, Works alot (Which means money;)).
One thing though did not go as I planned, my girl we split up about 3 months ago. Which in some peoples view are REALLY great and others it´s not good.

Well this is why I´m sitting here in my appartment all alone. Kind of boring isn´t it? just sitting here and doing nothing at all. So I am now going to do a desperat attempt to do something I have never done before,,, go back to my old gaming life!!:D I have already restarted my EvE account and all the other games I used to play.

So this will be kind of intressting to se how it works. Maybe I will crash down in bed from exhaustion, or maybe I will quit my job and just sit on this freakin´ computer and play those old games like never before..


Well thats another story that I will find out in about a few days. So I hope some of you will come back and cheer me up in my quest for gaming:D


Cheers matez!

Shadin writes:

I know the feeling... Sitting here alone in my new apartment as well... my now ex dumped me not that long ago.. Hope you'll find your gaming enjoyable though. :) Personally, I'm having fun with The Witcher atm.. hm.. that sounded dirty... best of luck at any rate!

Tue Oct 30 2007 4:55PM Report
Davod writes:

Just started playing eve my self, its such a wonderful game. And it is probably the best MMO out there when it comes to the depth you can sink down in when you have just split up with your girlfriend ^^

Have fun and good luck mate!

Tue Oct 30 2007 9:39PM Report
Zarachas writes:

yeah i know the feeling, been sinking into eve online and other games like anarchy online before, lowst my social life lol, but its all about thinking what u have, and do the best out of it instead of thinking what u could have had :) Im just working hard to save a relationship with my girl hopefully it works out good and i can both game and be together with my girl :) but yes its lonely being in your apartement alone sometimes...

Kudos to you dude....


Wed Oct 31 2007 2:42AM Report
NetSapiens writes:

If you're working out, working and being social and doing good on all those things in life.. why in God's name would you focus on playing "all your old games"? Pick one or two, enjoy those A LITTLE BIT, and continue to have a full, rich life with a multitude of experiences, instead of vegging out in front of the comp all day.

I hope you smarten up sooner rather than later.

Wed Oct 31 2007 2:55AM Report
badgerbadger writes:

I have to agree with the NetSapiens...

Compy games are from when u need a BREAK from real life/social... (or yes a distraction from inner turmoil)

 yes mmo's are social but you can log off a little easier :)


 If you're enjoying being "out" again by all means do so!

Wed Oct 31 2007 8:50AM Report
Acees88 writes:

I have to say thank you guys for that support from you. I really need that.

And yeah the games you have stated, Those are extremly good for lonely moments in life. So im going to sink in to EvE now and forgett a few houres about life.

And to the Eve players, See you in space!

Wed Oct 31 2007 5:14PM Report writes:
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