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Global Agenda Developers Blog

Just outside of Atlanta, Georgia, exquisitely talented developers have been working to create a unique and immersive MMO experience. Global Agenda is a 'Spy-Fi' Action MMO set in a dynamic world of advanced technology and player-driven conflict

Author: HiRezStudios

Preparing for Global Agenda Closed Beta

Posted by HiRezStudios Wednesday July 1 2009 at 5:03PM
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Back from E3

In our last post we talked about our path toward E3 - our purpose at the show being purely to let people walk-up and actually PLAY Global Agenda. No booth babes, no scripted demos, no velvet rope waiting lines. Our booth was mainly a bunch of PCs so anyone at the show could come by and play! …OK, for the sake of full disclosure I’ll admit that we also put out a bowl of candy on day #2. (Michal’s idea). Maybe next year we’ll have a celebrity appearance but this year we had byte-sized Snickers.

And the whole hands-on thing worked out quite well for us. Our dev team certainly feels the game is fun because we’ve been playing it every day for the past 3 years. But it was still incredibly satisfying to see E3 attendees instantly enjoying Global Agenda and sharing their positive reviews. Our favorite form of marketing - friends escorting other friends to the booth to try out the game for themselves!

A BIG thank you to the folks at MMORPG.COM, who awarded us “Game of The Show” after their own E3 hands-on experience with Global Agenda! We're both thrilled and humbled by this honor, especially given the other highly anticipated games that were considered. We're doing all we can to live up to growing expectations.

OK, so Global Agenda is fun, I’ll grant you that … but is it an MMO?

We hear this question a lot.  

And it is perhaps understandable since so far we have ONLY exposed our mission-based combat. From the beginning our first priority has been to ensure that our combat – based upon shooter mechanics but also incorporating very distinct roles for each class, a large number of specialty devices, close-ranged melee, and jetpacks – all comes together to yield game play that rivals any team-based shooter.

So all our Alpha testing to date, culminating in the public showing at E3, has been primarily focused on combat mechanics. We have not yet exposed the many systems relating to character progression or end-game. But that is about to change…

Onward to Closed Beta

We plan to have two major phases of Closed Beta Testing (CBT1 and CBT2). And with each phase we will introduce significant features that MMO players have been anticipating:

During CBT1 we will introduce Character Progression. So, you will interact with vendors, mission-givers and other players within Dome City, level your character thru missions against the Commonwealth (PvE) &/or other players (PvP), earn and allocate skill-points into talent trees, acquire new high-tech gear, customize your appearance with new suits and dyes, enhance your character thru technology implants that are player-crafted and available thru the auction house, and earn personal achievements.

During CBT2 we will introduce Alliance vs. Alliance Campaigns. With this feature set, players within a major geographic region, for example ALL North American players, compete in a single integrated end-game. Unlike the typical MMO convention where you need to pick a server, for Global Agenda we do not want a server-choice to get in the way of player-driven politics and strategy on a massive scale. It is truly a massive, persistent world within which players create their own agencies, form alliances, and compete to acquire resources and capture territory.

Our Goal:

Fun, mission-based Combat + meaningful Character progression + massive Campaign for territory control

We are now working hard to launch CBT1 in July!
More on that in our next blog post…

- todd

Brif writes:

Awesome, I can't wait to play.

There isn't any released MMO that I can have fun in, I'm so BORED!

Wed Jul 01 2009 7:46PM Report
Munki writes:

Awesome to read the plans for beta.
A combination of the rave reviews from EVERYONE and the fact that I got a beta referall makes me a little ansy these days.

Thu Jul 02 2009 11:28AM Report
bcwasian writes:

I like how you are setting up the beta, not just throwing it all out at once. Giving time to test everything. Game sounds amazing, can't wait to play!

Thu Jul 02 2009 11:48AM Report
Toxilium writes:

Awesomesauce, cannot wait for this game.

Thu Jul 02 2009 5:43PM Report
Callist0 writes:

 Ahhh, I can't wait!

Thu Jul 02 2009 6:48PM Report
Ekibiogami writes:

Giddy Giddy

Thu Jul 02 2009 6:55PM Report
ThomasN7 writes:

Could be a darkhorse in 2009. Still a wait and see.

Thu Jul 02 2009 7:04PM Report
lestaticon writes:

Good luck with the release!

Thu Jul 02 2009 8:39PM Report
EliminatR writes:

i havent even played the game yet and i think its bad ass lol.

Thu Jul 02 2009 9:24PM Report
NeokiNaomi writes:

I'm liking how they are going through the beta as well, good Q&A to provide the best possible live version at launch.  Keep it up Hirez.

Thu Jul 02 2009 9:48PM Report
Darkholme writes:

I hope that I can get into closed beta. This game has a ton of potential and people who have tried it at E3 say that it's super fun to play. I can't wait to see for myself and maybe even help to squash bugs.

Thu Jul 02 2009 11:23PM Report
haibane writes:

 Beta medic to save ur asses is here :p Can't wait for that !

Even if the batch of incoming games (FE, MO, GA, TAG) seem quite interresting and bringing new ideas ! There should be room for at least 2 of em, until SW : TOR :p

Fri Jul 03 2009 1:33AM Report
darkedone02 writes:

I want to play this... badly.

Fri Jul 03 2009 1:51AM Report
alakram writes:

It looks good


Fri Jul 03 2009 3:36AM Report
Blazz writes:

*sits on edge of seat in anticipation*
When's the Beta cominggggg?


I'm probably gonna go the robotic... when I get the game (or Beta)

Fri Jul 03 2009 5:05AM Report
azntonypham writes:

Its awesome to have a game to consider the playings. Most games are programmed for quick cash. Also, it won't be  like a list like most mmorpg games.

Go kill 300 goblins

Continue to do this over to gain experience.

What happens after that? Game get uninstalll.

This is why most mmorpg games are consider boring toward players. 

Fri Jul 03 2009 5:37AM Report
Zodan writes:

You better accept me to closed beta :D

Fri Jul 03 2009 7:55AM Report
cyeezy writes:

hey where do i go to download it

Fri Jul 03 2009 7:50PM Report
BeThCa writes:

This game is awesome just so you all know ;]

I'm in the current alpha and have 5 referral codes for closed beta message me if you want one :D

Fri Jul 03 2009 8:53PM Report
Arekaine writes:

Will be looking foward to it. Haven't been able to sind a decent sci-fi shooter MMO since Tabula Rasa went down the crapper

Sat Jul 04 2009 3:44AM Report
Slampig writes:

I will reserve the whole "Global Agenda is fun" comment until I play it. Not to sound like a donkey but hey...

I am TOTALLY looking forwardf to this game...

Sun Jul 05 2009 3:50AM Report
xwolf540 writes:

Hey guyz, i tink taht tas gme is aewsome!

Seriously people, learn to spell.

Anyways, I've been registered for about 6 months now and haven't gotten in...I better get into the closed beta -.-

Sun Jul 05 2009 10:35PM Report
Jetrpg writes:

Its still not an "mmo". maybe "mo", but never fighting more than 12 people at a time is hardly massive. If steam linked all of its private servers together and then allowed for "clan/guild/community" battles between servers for "control" of them it would be the same extent of GA's massive multiplayer online. That being said its a bit of massive in a odd and indirect way. (as it does have a persistant world, making it more of an mmo than Guild wars).

But the no server selections is great (see it in eve, its a must for all new games).

And well i fear that character development will be too small (after playing for 6 months a new toons shouldn't beable to walk in and snipe me dead, however, that is the format of this game, so i would not call it an rpg as well.)

Its an PMOFPS - persistant multiplayer online first person shooter.  (Mods to hl2 like sourcecraft have more character development that i have seen in GA and more of an impact on a characters abilities).

Still I have not seen everything so lets hope, that we have not seen all GA has to offer.

This is my number 1 hope for a good game being released in the next two years so... Great job.

Mon Jul 06 2009 9:24PM Report
Faet writes:

I'm signed on with everyone here that can't wait to play this game =)

Wed Jul 08 2009 7:22AM Report
Taryn918 writes:

I cant wait to play this game. I hope it is as good as what I have been hearing! I have played some bad games and i need something to restore my faith!!!!    

Wed Jul 08 2009 10:18AM Report writes:
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