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Global Agenda Developers Blog

Just outside of Atlanta, Georgia, exquisitely talented developers have been working to create a unique and immersive MMO experience. Global Agenda is a 'Spy-Fi' Action MMO set in a dynamic world of advanced technology and player-driven conflict

Author: HiRezStudios

Global Agenda Roadmap

Posted by HiRezStudios Friday March 5 2010 at 5:40PM
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Global Agenda Roadmap
Todd Harris, Executive Producer

We've certainly stayed busy since the release of Global Agenda on February 1!

We are very pleased with the game's growth so far - most of it coming via positive word of mouth from the community. And we've been sending out surveys to understand what the community enjoys most and wants more of. Of course each player is different but, based on fairly consistent survey feedback, the majority opinion seems to be:

1. the core GA PvP and PvE combat is very different from the average MMO, but super fun. The main ask is simply for more content

2. AvA (Agency vs. Agency) can be compelling for larger alliances; but meta-game changes would help make AvA more accessible for smaller agencies and/or players with less time to commit. More AvA content would be appreciated as well.

So, we've been hard at work delivering Updates that address this player feedback:
- Update #1 is already in production;
- Update #2 goes to the Public Test Server next week!
- and Update #3 is currently in development and internal testing.

Yes we've been busy. Plus we plan to deploy all three updates before we ask any player to subscribe. In fact, rather than focus on new game projects right now, our entire Dev Studio is focused on continuing to update and enhance Global Agenda.

Here is our roadmap:

Patch 1.1 (Already Live on Production Server) - Deliver features most requested by the community

  • Allow players to choose mission types within the PvP Q
  • Friends List/Ignore List
  • Enhanced Crafting/Blueprints - new rare and epic blueprints available; all blueprints renamed to be more descriptive
  • Craftable Repair Kits (to repair player Upgrades which have durability)
  • 2 additional AvA zones opened up
  • Additional AvA maps in rotation
  • Enhanced Agency Management screens, Combat Log, and Alliance Reporting

Patch 1.2 (Going To Public Test Server NEXT week - Add features and accessibility to AvA.  New AvA and PvP content.  

  • 4v4 premade queue - For those wanting a more intimate, tactical PvP experience... We are introducing 4v4 gameplay with these 2 new maps. Pre-made PvP teams can enjoy something different while continuing to earn xp and credits. In the future we will look into a ranked Arena system for this content but this patch allows pre-made teams to try out the new 4v4 maps and level-up doing so.


  • AvA Theft Missions - pirate resources from enemy territories
  • AvA Defensive Facilities - a new strategic feature on the AvA map. Defense Facilities allow you to SHIELD any two adjacent territories. A smaller agency can hold 3 territories by building a Defense facility and holding it with a single Strike Force.

  • New game-types and maps introduced into AvA - including the 'Facility Under Construction' location

  • Other AvA Enhancements (lockdown timers, territory tax changes, bidding changes, territory trading) designed to support smaller Agencies and enhance overall AvA play.
  • Cleanups and fixes to current PvE mission content
  • Many more details available on the Global Agenda website/blog site.

Patch 1.3 (Currently In Development) - Introduce Mission Based Open Zones - PvE and PvP!  Plus contined AvA enhancements

  • We know Dome City can feel claustrophobic at times. With the introduction of Open Zones you will be able to finally step outside into the Desert as a solo player or in teams as large as 10 people
  • While in the Open Zone you will see and interact with other teams; each team pursuing an assigned mission goal within that same, very large environment area.
  • Our first themed Open Zone is set in the Sonoran Desert. You will interact with the brutish Desert Dweller element of the Commonwealth; and encounter robotic enemies manufactured by the nearby Recursive Colony.
  • Will LARGE outdoor environments and the presence of many, many different players and teams finally end the 'is Global Agenda an MMO' debate??? Only time will tell. For our part we remain  focused on maintaining the FUN. That is - keep what players enjoy about GA's class-based, action combat, but introduce alternative mission content within these more open, outdoor environments.
  • This 1.3 Patch will include both a safe PvE zone and an entirely different PvP oriented zone. Both areas will support a larger number of players than our current mission environments.

That is our near-term plan!

Hope to see you in game and until the next Dev Blog...

- Todd