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Transcendent's Tomb

Submitted weekly. The tomb contains reviews, references, alternative concepts and polling to torture the truth from the minions of MMORPGs.

Author: Hhussk

Who are YOU to Demand?

Posted by Hhussk Thursday March 26 2009 at 10:54AM
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Ask yourself why a company should listen to your feedback.

Lately, the calls for activism and the making of demands against MMOs having been increasing. As well, threads have been created about certain individuals getting banned from other online forums because of their commentaries. One comment I am seeing people get banned for is "What makes you think this [MMO] isn't going to fail like all the rest?"

Does this really inform anyone about the game? Or is it actually a snapshot of a hot-headed, shoot-from-the-hip, MMO player who may or may not even be subscribed to the service? What makes matters worse is when individuals begin insisting on audience, calling for action, and over-inflating their anger to encompass far-reaching ego if to say they are holding their subscription hostage until their bids are met. Here is one example. This thread is called "A Total Lack of Transparency".

Demand information.

Demand integrity.

Demand equity in words and actions.

Demand respect.

And above all demand transparency. It is very easy to provide and the height of spiteful arrogance to deny.


Who are you to make demands of a MMO company? Answer the following questions before you reply to my question:

  1. Are you "currently" playing the game?
  2. Are you "currently" investing capital (money) in the company, supporting their endeavor to run a Massive Multi-player Online RolePlaying Game?
  3. Is any of the content in the game generated by you? In other words, did you create the lore, program the graphics, develop the core engine et al.?

So... Are you playing the game? And if so, do you believe your paltry $15.00 a month grants the ability to make demands? If you do, then you are mistaken. By law, you are only entitled to your $15.00 back. You are also entitled to cancel your subscription at any time. These are your basic rights.

But make demands? I don't think so. You have no right to make demands. How about going to the game company's forum and nicely stating that this game is likely to fail? Think you are immune to punishment?

Not at all. The people who own the product have the right to kick you out of their game and off their forums any time they choose. They don't even need a reason, actually. All they are required to do is give you your subscription fee back for the number of days you are not receiving service.

It's called the GOD CLAUSE, and you should be aware of it. It has existed for a long, long time, but certainly this community started seeing it in the days of Dungeons & Dragons, paper and pencil, RPG games. The GOD CLAUSE goes something like this:

When its my ball, it's my rules. If I don't like you, you're gone.

Kind of final and tyrannical, is it not? Well, that's the point. A company is not a democracy. It is only required to answer to its owners and/or investors. If you're paying a monthly fee to the game, you are neither. You're a customer. And if "SUPER MMO" wants to change from a fantasy setting overnight to happy bunnies, that's their perogative. Likewise, if "MASTER RPG MMO" decides that your style of roleplaying doesn't fit with their game, then can kick you out. They actually don't need a reason and all they are required to do is give you your monthly fee back.

Your only true voice is your dollar.  If you want a company to listen to you, hate and calls of activism are going to have the reverse effect. Examples of actions that cause true change:

  1. Cancelling your Subscription.
  2. Providing constructive criticism through feedback or a thread.
  3. Providing examples of bugs/problems on a periodic basis. Just be careful not to throw it in their face.
  4. Speaking with players in game to join a concensus.

If you want to go a step further, by stock in the company. OWN some of it. But demands? You are in no position to make demands. Such notions are infantile and show a lack of understanding of business.