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I Intend to use this blog towards the primary ends of clearing up misconceptions. Diffusing Buzz Words. And, providing viable definition for otherwise watered down terminology. It is also opinion based. Though sometimes very assertive, take it as such.

Author: Helleri

How I define SandBox

Posted by Helleri Sunday November 18 2012 at 7:36PM
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SandBox 5 Points Defition :

1)-  The ability to have a lasting impact on the game world
(building, teraforming, cultivating, etc.)

2)- Free-Form Character Development.
(Custom Cross-Classing, No Classes, Shifting Character Archetypes).

3)- Intricate Crafting System.
(Non-instanced construction of housing and facilities, collectable and refinable resources, Majority of equipment and use items able to be player made and modified).

4)- Open-ended gameplay.
(no fixed path of progression. Questing and storyline not directly tied to progression. No singular end-game objectives. Skills unrelated to combat level).

5)- Player-Driven.
(factions, alliances, guilding and politics in general determined by the players often with player-base emergent systems of in game government. Economy maintained by the supply and demand of goods/wears/materials that are obtained/created/modified by the players and sold to the players).

In my opinion these factors are the primary (or at least major) definatives of the SandBox Sub-Genre of MMORPGs. And, should an MMORPG by large majority employ (4-5) these factors as part of it's aproach over a Themepark approach I consider the game to be Sandbox in Nature. Should a game employ a small majority/large minority of these factors in it's approach (3 or less). Leaving the rest of the 5 definative points to the Themepark side of things. I will consider it Sandpark (hybrid) in nature [as in: possessing a fairly balanced amount of features from both genres]. writes:
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