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Wiggy Woggy Woo

Complete randomness at its best or worse.

Author: Hashbrick

The only real Darkfall Videos List

Posted by Hashbrick Tuesday July 1 2008 at 5:14PM
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Lately there has been some great submissions of comedy Darkfall videos on both sides of the fence.  To keep that comedy lived on forever, I'll be keeping a nice updated list of all these videos in this blog post.  If you wish to add your own video to the list pm with the link to your video and I will add it, all darkfall videos are welcomed be you a troll, hater, fanboi, etc.

*NOTE*: The site is buggy and sometimes can not load the movie, if this happens close out the tab wait a few seconds and try again.  I'm not sure what causes this but I'm thinking it is a bandwidth tool so that you can't flood the site, so if you wait a while it will clear out and you can view it.  I checked to make sure all the movies will play and are correctly linked.

To create your own navigate to this site:


Fanboi Submission(We believe it is real and coming out)

"Vapor Trolls" the movie - Zurm Official DF Boards

Daughter of a Troll  - Blixa

Troll Pwned  - Unknown

At Last! - Nashtak

Justice - Muffins

Darfall PWNS - Muffins

Warcry inside joke - Unknown

Muffin's Mini-Series Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Muffins

Kosk's Series - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7


Troll/Hater Submissions(VAPERWWWWAREZ!)

Darkfall the True Story,  The Movie - Hashbrick

The Divine Tascos   - HYPERI0N

Stuu's Submission  - Stuu

Tasos Caught  - Hashbrick

The Dark Fall Ceremony  - Hashbrick

Caught In Bed With DnL  - Hashbrick

We Have a Publisher Now!  - Hashbrick

Ghoul31's Movie - Ghoul31

mike470's Movie - mike470

When the Darkfall Fanbois Find Out - mike470

Tasos's Dream Shattered - Hashbrick

But I have Super Powers! - Hashbrick

Artificial Dumbass Series - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Hashbrick

Darkfall The Musical - Hashbrick

mike 470's Movie #2 - mike470

The Real Tasos - jusomdude

Mithithiel's Movie - Mithithiel

grayghost79's Movie - grayghost79


Thanks to everyone who particapted and keep em coming :D.

EDIT: We have two new videos, a series of 7 parts by kosk and a movie from grayghost79 as of 9/20/08.

mike470 writes:

haha!  Nice job Hashbrick

Tue Jul 01 2008 5:26PM Report
Hashbrick writes:

Thx mate, hopefully they keep coming in.  I haven't laughed that hard in a long time :).

Tue Jul 01 2008 5:36PM Report
Gishgeron writes:


You realize that, for one moment in time, you just brought trolls and fanboys together in something they could both enjoy and both agree on.

In other words....

Hell just froze over...and Satan is probably gunning for you now.

Tue Jul 01 2008 9:15PM Report
Hashbrick writes:

lol I never thought about that, but indeed that is true. *flees in fear*

Tue Jul 01 2008 9:27PM Report
Roin writes:

lol good point Gishgeron

Wed Jul 02 2008 12:42AM Report
Hashbrick writes:

2 new entries added: jusomdude's The Real Tasos and Mithithiel's entry

Wed Jul 02 2008 2:30AM Report
mike470 writes:

So it's clear...

Trolls videos own.

Wed Jul 02 2008 8:44AM Report
Hashbrick writes:

lol indeed.

Wed Jul 02 2008 10:08AM Report
Teala writes:

I get banned for even writing the "t" word on this board.   Been banned 2 for it.   Been banned for calling someone an idiot that deserved it and it lasted awhole week.   How is it you can get away with it?   I applaud you. 

Wed Jul 02 2008 8:02PM Report
VPgearchin writes:

omg EPIC! videos

Wed Jul 02 2008 8:57PM Report
lilune666 writes:


Tue Jul 15 2008 1:48PM Report
JestorRodo writes:

My videos are much better - HB knows it to be true.

Sun Aug 24 2008 8:55PM Report
Enigma writes:

lol that was some funny stuff

Sat Aug 30 2008 4:41PM Report
LynxJSA writes:

Great videos all around :)

Sun Nov 30 2008 1:10PM Report
KidCracken writes:

shitload of boring crap.. both sides..

nah a few made me giggle.. on both sides :p

Fri Jan 02 2009 7:54AM Report writes:
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