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Wiggy Woggy Woo

Complete randomness at its best or worse.

Author: Hashbrick

Your crystal ball sucks!

Posted by Hashbrick Tuesday September 8 2009 at 9:12PM
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I've been seeing a lot of speculation going on about new upcoming games and where they are going to sit.  Well I'm here to tell you, your crystal ball sucks and here's why.  Keep in mind I'll be going through almost every big-time known MMO that will be upcoming and announced as of now.  And then give you my insight of where today's plus future MMOs will sit.  If I'm missing some obscure indy MMOs, bite me.


lo and behold the mighty tyrant company from overseas.  Like Lineage II, I foresee Aion being a couple million NA subscribers.  Like or it or hate it, it will be here to stay and run along in the game that is know as who has the most subscribers.  It will easily be in the top #5 for some time and many years to come.


Ya iunno, fuck it.  Some say it will play with Aion others say it won't.  I stopped following it years ago when they stalled an NA launch.

Fallen Earth

This is going to very niche maybe if they are lucky a few hundred thousand.  I'm not here to pick on these MMOs and tell you what is wrong with them but this just isn't going to apply to a mass audience.  Mark my words.

Mortal Online

If they keep things going, the way they are going, mortal online will be another Darkfall.  Boasting to be more superior than it's competition they are following the same forbidden path, by claiming to have amazing features yet still just on paper.  Very niche.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Despite it possibly a massively single player MMO, it will still attract Star Wars fans near and far and I think it will make a good turn out, defeating it's counterpart (SWG) by at least two times, I see it reaching close to a million subscribers, you just watch.

Guild Wars 2

Easily going to be #2 for many years to come.  Millions will play this, no doubt about it.


It's going to be as niche as ffxi was here in NA, a little over a half mil subscribers.

World of Darkness

what can I say, many MMOs that take risk end up no where near the top of the game, I don't see this amounting to much, specially if it is a female vibe like rumored.  Let's play Twatlight Online wee!

The Secret World

Sounds cool, sounds innovative, sounds likes a new genre, but really like I said risk barely stands out in the crowd.  It doesn't need to be, but it won't be a big hit.

<Insert Super Hero MMO Here>

Up! Up! And... dead.  It's over.

Star Trek Online

Only a legion of trekkies would go as so far to play such a thing and even Cryptic isn't giving them what they want.  This will miss and shut down after a couple years.  Then sold to SOE where they will tie it down and do dirty things to it, then send it to the world to only to completely fuck with the fans of it and then shut it down after collecting on something they rarely lifted their ass off their chair to update.


Yo yo yo what up gansta, let's beat these hoes for dumping on our game dawg.  (They wish to teach their hoes a lesson for not paying up for those that don't understand idiot)  Sumtin sumtin bang bang skeet skeet.  At any rate, who doesn't love to wreck havoc in an open world city GTA style.  Hell I played a lot of GTA when it came out, but it was for the missions, the free roaming, the chaos I could create with in the world.  How much of that you think will be any good in this?  None.  Hit, miss, and then drive-byed by old grannies shooting prunes with sporks.

Stargate Worlds

If this ever sees the light of day I owe my grandma $50 and have to bake a sheet of chocolate chip cookies.  In other words don't count on it.

Top 5 Predictions of 2012

#1 WoW, King of the jungle, even blizzard won't beat it's own tyrant if this thing stays #1 for 5 more years I wouldn't be surprised.  It's the only MMO I know that celebrities actually play and think is cool.  I mean when you got celebrities on your side...well let's just say Blizzard probably has a lot of invites to jam packed parties of snorting coke off a hooker's ass, orgies, and loud music.  BAM!

#2 Guild Wars 2, If you don't think this will be in the top 3 by then, you seriously live under a rock.  I'd switch to a cardboard box if I was you.

#3 Star Wars: The Old Republic, A huge IP hopefully being done right by a company with a long track record of successful single player games.  Star Wars is star wars and any star wars fan will follow a star wars game, this one being no exception.  It will be big.

#4 Aion, Aion will hit the chart in the tops fast but I figure it will drop down here in the NA.  It will still have a good million + subscribers but it will be loosing subscriptions around this time.

#5 Blizzard's Announced MMO Project, I think it will do great, but not that great.  A new IP is risky.  It may not even interest the WoW crowd, which would be their intention to grab and pay for both.

Call em, see me, lay em out.  Let's see how good your crystal ball shines.

The only real Darkfall Videos List

Posted by Hashbrick Tuesday July 1 2008 at 6:14PM
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Lately there has been some great submissions of comedy Darkfall videos on both sides of the fence.  To keep that comedy lived on forever, I'll be keeping a nice updated list of all these videos in this blog post.  If you wish to add your own video to the list pm with the link to your video and I will add it, all darkfall videos are welcomed be you a troll, hater, fanboi, etc.

*NOTE*: The site is buggy and sometimes can not load the movie, if this happens close out the tab wait a few seconds and try again.  I'm not sure what causes this but I'm thinking it is a bandwidth tool so that you can't flood the site, so if you wait a while it will clear out and you can view it.  I checked to make sure all the movies will play and are correctly linked.

To create your own navigate to this site:


Fanboi Submission(We believe it is real and coming out)

"Vapor Trolls" the movie - Zurm Official DF Boards

Daughter of a Troll  - Blixa

Troll Pwned  - Unknown

At Last! - Nashtak

Justice - Muffins

Darfall PWNS - Muffins

Warcry inside joke - Unknown

Muffin's Mini-Series Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Muffins

Kosk's Series - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7


Troll/Hater Submissions(VAPERWWWWAREZ!)

Darkfall the True Story,  The Movie - Hashbrick

The Divine Tascos   - HYPERI0N

Stuu's Submission  - Stuu

Tasos Caught  - Hashbrick

The Dark Fall Ceremony  - Hashbrick

Caught In Bed With DnL  - Hashbrick

We Have a Publisher Now!  - Hashbrick

Ghoul31's Movie - Ghoul31

mike470's Movie - mike470

When the Darkfall Fanbois Find Out - mike470

Tasos's Dream Shattered - Hashbrick

But I have Super Powers! - Hashbrick

Artificial Dumbass Series - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Hashbrick

Darkfall The Musical - Hashbrick

mike 470's Movie #2 - mike470

The Real Tasos - jusomdude

Mithithiel's Movie - Mithithiel

grayghost79's Movie - grayghost79


Thanks to everyone who particapted and keep em coming :D.

EDIT: We have two new videos, a series of 7 parts by kosk and a movie from grayghost79 as of 9/20/08.