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Hamilton-WDS: Force of Arms Dev Blog

Personal Developer Blog for Force of Arms. Per Vis Nos Planto Nostrum Forensis - Through Force We Make Our Legacy

Author: Hamilton-NEO

MMOs do not need Big Teams and Big Budgets to be Successful, Part 1

Posted by Hamilton-NEO Tuesday September 11 2007 at 1:45PM
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So let’s just say, you are starting on your first MMO, with either yourself or a few others, not much money to work with, but the will to develop an MMO.  Articles you have read state to the effect that, “Only we the professionals can do such things, as we have the large teams and the financial backing to do so,” which gets you down.  This also serves as a secondary purpose, to prevent others (such as yourself) from breaking into the market to make it even more competitive.  

I know that I touched on about this before, but with a recent discussion going on at the Multiverse forums, I decided to make an informative opinion of it for others to read.  

Again, Big Teams and Big Budgets are not the requirements of developing an MMO.  Sure it helps, but never believe that this is how it must be done.  

This is a long entry and so I have broken it up to three segments; this introduction, and one for each article.  I will provide two articles, one from Jeff Strain of ArenaNet and the other from The Escapist about Boutiques MMOGs by Allen Varney.  Jeff Strain’s article will get you down as it is intended to do so.  The article by Allen Varney should give you confidence.  Therefore I have saved his for the end, to have you, reader, finish this series with the belief that you can do it.  

Have Faith Fellow Adventurous Developers.