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Musings about the past, present and future of MMO Games.

Author: Gunsaint

Birth of a blogging PvP'er

Posted by Gunsaint Tuesday September 6 2011 at 7:52PM
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         As this being my first blog entry i figured i'd introduce myelf. I am a husband and father of 3, my wife and my oldest son PvP with me in various games. So I guess a family the PKs together stays together. I guess I should start at the beginning. . I would say it starts with me using Chain Lightning on players in Diablo 1 and hitting people with my Bone Snap in Diablo II, that was fun and exciting and I did it alot. Meanwhile across town my good friend discovers a game called Shadowbane. Now you wanna talk about addicting, i had to slide cautiously into bed next to my wife hoping not to wake her. Shadowbane was a hard game but it had something very important, player ownership, it let the players own things, cities, vendors, guards and even guard dogs. During the end of the shadowbane days i started to hear rumblings of a game about flying spaceships, it wasnt long before i discovered EVE Online. Now i had a full blown mistress! the missus was not happy.

    EVE!! omg, how do i put this, have you ever wanted to do something but the game not let you? well EVE lets you, there are consequences but you can do it none the less. Six great years of piracy and giggles, beer and gate camps, Nullsec bubbles and Stealth Bomber runs. Alas all good things come to an end, i got burnt out, tired, and turned the Corp over to the XO and cancelled my account.

Days turned into weeks, weeks into months. One day my son asks if he can download a game called All Points  Bulliten, i say well let me take a look at it first, see how adult it is. To my dismay its a GTA mmo! what genius! i cay no to the boychild and promptly start the download. Great game. . balance needs help, but a great f2p game. I love backing the van into the store front to make some cash, all around good game. I played that for about 3 months before the says during dinner "I saw the advert on facebook about a game called Rift its 50% off right now u wanna try it?"  Between mouthfuls of chow mein i say "yeah, sure"

Now I have a lvl19 cleric and the PvP is really fun, its been years since i have played a fantasy game, and im having a blast. I think ill be in Rift for a while, but im keeping an eye on titles like SW: TOR, Secret World, World of Darkness, Warhammer 40k Dark Millenium. More on these titles later.......

Keep tankin and spankin.