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Guild Launch Guild Hosting Blog

Covering the MMO industry and the Guild Launch guild hosting system. Guild Launch is a powerful system that allows players in more than 140 games to build community and improve their play. for more info.

Author: GuildLaunch

Guild Launch Version 7.0 = Pure Awesome

Posted by GuildLaunch Thursday April 29 2010 at 7:13AM
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Version 7.0 of Guild Launch ( is a major step forward in usability and functionality. We've significantly improved the level of communication a guild master has and the configurability available to users. We've also significantly reduced the number of fields required to complete a registration. The full release notes are below.

Refinements to Registration and Guild Applications

We’ve simplified the guild creation, account creation and guild application process tremendously. The new forms feature more information, better feedback, improved usability and require less information to be entered. In Thousandstar your users will get registered faster and more easily and will be more confident in the process.


Guild Launch is getting its very own badge system. This is similar in many ways to Awards, but badges are provided by the Guild Launch application for items such as registering, verifying your account, signing up for a raid, posting 10, 100, 1000 forum posts, etc. The goal of the badge system is two fold. First, we hope to entertain users and reward them for using your site. Second, the tool serves as an educational tool about what is possible when using Guild Launch. We plan to add more badges over time so if you have ideas please send them in.

To view your badges go to the Badges tab on your user profile. You will be awarded retroactive badges when you first visit this page.

Site Newsletter – Subscription Feature

Admins now have the ability to send a newsletter to their guild members. This newsletter contains an Admin editable area and selectable content from your guild site. This includes an introduction from the sender, upcoming raids, past raids, new members and recent posts. Individual site members can choose not to receive the newsletter, but receiving site newsletters is enabled by default when a user joins a site.

Deleted Post Lockbox – Subscription Feature

In the Thousandstar release all posts deleted from forums will be placed in the Deleted Post Lockbox forum. This forum exists on every site and is visible, by default, to only Admins and Moderators of the forum. A post will stay in the Lockbox for 45 days before being deleted. Recovery of posts is available only to subscription sites. Ad-supported sites will have their posts retained, but will be unable to restore them without upgrading to a subscription.

Private Application Support

We have been asked for a very long time for a way to support posting applications to a forum in a private manner. We’ve now added this ability. With the new functionality an Admin can configure whether to allow private applications. When an applicant submits an app there is an option at the bottom, if it is enabled, to submit the app in private. If an application is submitted in private then the difference is this:

If the application is posted to a forum then a private app is only visible by the applicant and members of the site. All other forum permissions are in effect and will override the Private App settings. Additional forum permissions such as the entire forum being member only or private will override this, but when a user can see a post based on forum permissions there is an additional test for private apps to check whether they are the original poster or a member of the guild. If they are not then they can’t see it. If they are then they can.

In addition there are options to post all Applications in Private and to allow only recruiting admins and the applicant to see the post.

Forum Signature Size Control

Site Admins now have the ability to control the maximum height and width of forum signatures. Signatures larger than the allowed width and height will have a small scrollbar so that an interested user can see the rest of the signature. This also allows the user to know they have gone over the forum’s allowed size.

Admins also have the ability to disable sigs in the forum.

Users now have the ability to control the height, width and display of signatures per site. This means that users can choose to allow taller sigs on one site and not another. In addition, users can disable signatures on one site and enable them on another.

Application Notes

Notes can now be added to applications in the Admin area. This sounds simple, but for heavy recruiting guilds with multiple admins it will be quite useful.

TinyMCE Upgrades

The WYSIWYG editor has received an upgrade to a new version. In addition, it has been turned on by default in some areas where it was off by default previously.

Forum Subscriptions

Users can now subscribe to a forum and they will be sent an email whenever a new post is made in that forum. Subscribe/Unsusbscribe options are at the bottom of the topic list. This functionality is configured such that notifications of new posts are not reenabled until you visit the forum you are subscribed to. So, in very popular forums you will not be inundated with notifications of new posts.

Notification Control & Refinement

Since we have added more communication types we needed to add a place for users to manage them. Currently you can control the following and whether to send notifications to your email:

- Private Message Notifications
- Site Newsletter

This functionality will expand as functionality grows.

Rapid Raid Attendance Reporting

The columns in the Advanced Attendance Report can now be named. We’ve also added site rank as a sortable column.

New Templates

An All Points Bulletin, Star Wars, Star Trek and a Starcraft II template are available.

EQ2 Raid Progression

Planar Shadows has been added.
Kurn’s Tower has been added.

Forum Avatar Changes

The allowable size for forum avatars has been increased slightly. In addition, the Avatar on the user profile has been replaced by that which is shown in the forums. The reason for this is that due to resizing, animations and manipulations of the graphics users were having to often compromise between the forum avatar or the profile avatar looking as they wanted the avatar to look. So, we are now using the same image in both places. The result is less compromise and better predictability of how the image will look.

Note: We have not resized existing avatars. We have used the forum size on the profile and the forum. The uploadable max size has been changed for new avatars. More information is on the User Profile where you upload the avatar.

Daylight Saving Time Changes

Guild Timezones and User Timezones now have an “Observe DST” setting. If this setting is enabled then your timezone will have one hour added to it during Daylight Saving Time. In other words, you will enter -5 and check the Observe DST setting and your timezone will be modified for you during DST.

Rank Colors

Ranks can now be given a color and a background color.

Note: We realized late in testing that we neglected to color the forum name in the forums. This will be added in the 7.1 release.

Performance Enhancements

  • Performance of the Last Forum Post widget has been improved

Other Fixes & Changes

  • gwBBCode will now only show on Guild Wars sites
  • The TeamSpeak 3 widget now works significantly better
  • A fix for profiler uploads has been added
  • Warhammer uploads have been fixed for some servers
  • Accented character entries for Guilds have been improved and will now work properly in all cases
  • The Subtab panels for many templates have been adjusted to have a more appropriate and readable color
  • Private Messages can now only be sent by confirmed accounts. This should cut down on spam.