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Gremrod's Terminal Chat

Chat about Perpetuum and more....

Author: Gremrod

Perpetuum - Game community and developers at odds with each other. Making a better game!

Posted by Gremrod Friday October 3 2014 at 11:55AM
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A game's community can be its most valuable asset in making the game successful. But what happens when the game's community becomes poisonous. How should the developers deal with listening to the community once it has gone rabid? 

Developers listen to their community to help determine what direction a game should go. Developers take input from the community on basic ideas that the developer team is looking at putting into a game. But when should the developers draw a line on how much a game's community drives the direction of development.

The developers at Avatar Creations set out to develop a game with a community as part of the team. They wanted to create an online game meshed the game community very tightly. They have succeed, but at what cost?

Avatar Creations has created a game called Perpetuum. In Perpetuum you are the pilot of a bot. Players work together in the form of corporations to gather resource and build and fight alongside of each other against other player corporations. Perpetuum is known as one of the first EVE Online clones. (Not bad in my book)

Like many online games Perpetuum is having growing pains. Recently the developers had to remove/redevelop a very large piece of the end game. They have finished the redesign and rereleased it as of 9/17/2014. But many in the games community are reluctant to venture into the new end game content since it was retracted once already and some lost many hours of game time put into construction of player built bases.

Since the game is developed with a lot of input from the community it is hard at times to see the vision since the developers have not written down that vision for the game. If they have one they have not shared it with the community. So at the current time different parts of the community are at odds with one another and the community is at odds with the developers

The developers need to convey their vision for the future of Perpetuum. Once this is done I think a lot of the poison seen in the communities posts will subside and the game will start to see successful strides.

I invite you to come and become part of this very passionate and exciting community and team of developers and players in Perpetuum!

Perpetuum on Steam or their website here

Smokeyii writes: Why don't you tell them all how you're part of the most poisonous corporation that's played the game? The corp that seeks to ruin the fun of everyone else on the server that they aren't allied with, the corp that actively trys to run people out of the game with spies and about how you're part of the community that owns all of the beta/gamma islands and roll out the largest blobs to defend any of them, squashing any sort of opposition before it's even had a chance to grow.
Fri Oct 03 2014 12:29PM Report
Gremrod writes: @Smokeyii Your very comment is the type of poison I am speaking about. Because I am part of the entity controls most or all outposts in game makes no difference in what my blog post is conveying. Fri Oct 03 2014 12:34PM Report
alkarionlog writes: well mostly its does really, since possible you was pretty good on making people quit the game and now you lack sheep to prey on you want to bring more preys for you and your people Fri Oct 03 2014 1:41PM Report
Limitations writes: So there is a corp that seeks to ruin player's experiences? What? Lol Fri Oct 03 2014 11:56PM Report
xpowderx writes:


Your idea of what poison is truly is remarkable. Developer Zoom wants to remove sparks to help with the power projection issue that exists in game. You and your corporation oppose developer Zooms decision. While the rest of  Perpetuums player base supports that idea.

The reality is your corp fears Zooms decision to do so. Thus a reason of why you and your corp associates think the player base is poisonous. Perhaps towards your corp. But definitely not towards the developers of the game.

So for the average mmo reader who reads here. You now understand what it looks like when a corp and its members go against the game and the player base who support the Developers. All over power projection of that said CORP!

Sat Oct 04 2014 4:11PM Report
Gremrod writes:


These is a thread on the perpetuum forums started by me asking them to remove sparks completely along with mobile TPs and probes.




Sat Oct 04 2014 10:35PM Report
vonryan123 writes:

It's sad but this game is dead and will most likely die a slow and painful death before the very end....I loved the game and miss playing.....Due to people like Grem and his lot most of the people that like the game left.....The larger corps push the devs for this or that and the rest of the game pop although larger then said corps gets forgotten or ignored. What this game needs or could do w/o is already lost, with current game population hardly around 100 at any given time what hope do you see for any new players?....None.

If the devs removed viral players and corps they break the game if they don't they break the game so guess what Grem....Mission success no one wants to play with you or your corp, and the game is to far gone down the wrong path for anyone to care enough to come back, I login for no other reason then to check patch notes and get my EP for the day..Hope is there but not very likely.

Sun Oct 05 2014 6:51PM Report
NavalTech86 writes:

I have to agree that this game is dead. I've tried about three different times over the past few years to play.

Every time, there is a smaller, and smaller player base. There is no one willing to help new players, and there aren't enough people on half the time to actually warrant this game being considered MMO.

Sun Oct 05 2014 10:11PM Report writes:
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