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Gremrod's Terminal Chat

Chat about Perpetuum and more....

Author: Gremrod

Perpetuum - Mining (A Sandbox MMO)

Posted by Gremrod Friday January 6 2012 at 1:44PM
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Mining in Perpetuum :

mercedes308 writes:

Seems a like an  old video. and dosen't do the game justice.

The interface is more upto date now. 

The game gets regular updates,   And the dev interaction is amazing.  This week we get deployable robotic sentinels.

And a plasma bomb capable of destroying buildings and other terrain. 

Mon Jan 09 2012 11:56AM Report
Gremrod writes:

You are correct. That mining video is old. 

Mon Jan 09 2012 5:38PM Report
mercedes308 writes:

I'am supprised you chose to use industry as the focus for your blog.

Isn't the independant industry character limited by lack of  a sustainable market.  (A sizable percentage of the player base having left the game).

The low availability of kernals, Forcing people who want to progress into joining large beta corps.

The plasma nerf and poor recycle rate curtailing early self sustainability.

To the extent that the only viable way to play is as a pvp player.

Thu Jan 12 2012 7:39AM Report
Gremrod writes:

Well industry can be used to build your own stuff and not always meant to be put on the open market.

TBH, the game has had a small pop for a while with a slow (very slow) steady pop increase. When poeple say that a lot of recently left that would be the crowd of upset EVE players that came and went. Of some of them did stay.

I have no problem getting my own kernels or getting in touch of those who have some to sell. There is a trade channel besides the open market.

While you say plasma nerf people still find it very easy to make a living off plasma and other items dropped by NPCs.

The recycle nerf is a little strange, but this isn't anything that should be worried about. If you were relying on recycled materials for your production you are doing it wrong.

Nope the game is still very open for any role, like PVP, prototyper, miner etc. 


Thu Jan 12 2012 11:39AM Report writes:
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