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Gremrod's Terminal Chat

Chat about Perpetuum and more....

Author: Gremrod

Perpetuum - Game community and developers at odds with each other. Making a better game!

Posted by Gremrod Friday October 3 2014 at 11:55AM
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A game's community can be its most valuable asset in making the game successful. But what happens when the game's community becomes poisonous. How should the developers deal with listening to the community once it has gone rabid? 

Developers listen to their community to help determine what direction a game should go. Developers take input from the community on basic ideas that the developer team is looking at putting into a game. But when should the developers draw a line on how much a game's community drives the direction of development.

The developers at Avatar Creations set out to develop a game with a community as part of the team. They wanted to create an online game meshed the game community very tightly. They have succeed, but at what cost?

Avatar Creations has created a game called Perpetuum. In Perpetuum you are the pilot of a bot. Players work together in the form of corporations to gather resource and build and fight alongside of each other against other player corporations. Perpetuum is known as one of the first EVE Online clones. (Not bad in my book)

Like many online games Perpetuum is having growing pains. Recently the developers had to remove/redevelop a very large piece of the end game. They have finished the redesign and rereleased it as of 9/17/2014. But many in the games community are reluctant to venture into the new end game content since it was retracted once already and some lost many hours of game time put into construction of player built bases.

Since the game is developed with a lot of input from the community it is hard at times to see the vision since the developers have not written down that vision for the game. If they have one they have not shared it with the community. So at the current time different parts of the community are at odds with one another and the community is at odds with the developers

The developers need to convey their vision for the future of Perpetuum. Once this is done I think a lot of the poison seen in the communities posts will subside and the game will start to see successful strides.

I invite you to come and become part of this very passionate and exciting community and team of developers and players in Perpetuum!

Perpetuum on Steam or their website here

Perpetuum - Here comes Gamma again!

Posted by Gremrod Thursday September 11 2014 at 9:50PM
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The developers at AC have finished the redesign of gamma. This is the area of the game that allows players to build their own outposts. Read more here

Perpetuum: Loss of group/squad members in a fight because of AoE damage, bad or good?

Posted by Gremrod Friday July 11 2014 at 12:19PM
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Perpetuum has AoE damage that happens when a robot blows up. Specific things can make a robots AoE damage greater. i.e. full accumulator and armor plates.

Is the AoE damage that can cause a domino affect to much for a single mistake?

I feel it adds another layer of tactics as it was intended to do. I feel that this is the very thing I would expect for this type of mistake knowing the game mechanic exists.

Here is an example video of this mechanic in affect.

Other games have tried this and removed it since they felt that it was too harsh of a punishment for a single mistake to affect so many at one time. One of those games being EVE Online.

The Avatar Creation developers put AoE damage and interference into Perpetuum to help combat blob mentality. 

I believe it works rather well in this ground based mech/robot game.

What do you think?

Check out Perpetuum @ Perpetuum Online or on steam.

Corporations/players griefing other players causing community uproar.

The world of Perpetuum is in chaos!

Thread complaining about the griefing

Follow the Developer linked threads for the full story!

A collection of Perpetuum videos

Posted by Gremrod Wednesday June 25 2014 at 9:43AM
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Unnamed alliance of three corporations take control of Perpetuum

Posted by Gremrod Tuesday June 24 2014 at 11:26AM
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The top three corporations on the Perpetuum Killboard at ( CIR / 77th / PHM ) have taken over Perpetuum. This unnamed alliance of three corps has control over all beta islands.

The following island is the only island that has an outpost not controlled by this unnamed alliance. But that looks like it may change since they have been attacking it to bring it under their control.

The Demolition Party Alliance struggles to take back outposts but fall short with their limited efforts.

The unnamed alliance is crushing their enemies and making all of Perpetuum their home.


Perpetuum moves to new Data center!

Posted by Gremrod Monday June 16 2014 at 9:33AM
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Perpetuum gets a new datacenter today.

Read here:

Incoming Transmission Podcast Episode 16.

Posted by Gremrod Friday June 6 2014 at 10:48AM
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Incoming Transmission Podcast. A podcast for the game Perpetuum

Posted by Gremrod Friday May 23 2014 at 1:26PM
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We recently moved our podcast to You can check it out @


A review of Perpetuum

Posted by Gremrod Thursday May 15 2014 at 11:16AM
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I recently left Eve Online after playing the game for 3 years. It is very hard to enjoy any theme park style games after playing a sandbox style game. So I set out to find another sandbox style game.

About a month ago I found the game Perpetuum Online. I quickly read about the background story and checked out the games’ media. I then looked further into the games’ information and I found it was a sandbox play style game. Now this was a big find since there are very few sandbox style games. Plus, Perpetuum has robots and mechs! I was very excited to have found the game being a big fan of the mech genre games.

First glance of screenshots and videos of the game I saw a clone of Eve Online. I didn’t care if it was a clone, but I wanted to make sure it had enough differences for me to invest my time in the game. I did some more research about the game and found that there were a lot of differences about the two games. You can see plenty about the game from the media released by the games’ developer Avatar Creations and beta testers.

I was hooked right away, so I signed up for a chance to join the closed beta testing.

I quickly found many people on gaming community sites bashing Perpetuum for being a clone of Eve Online. I found it ridiculous since there have been clones of games for a long time now. WoW for example has tons of clones (Runes of Magic, Allods) just to name two. Then I realized the problem, this was the first game to try and clone Eve Online indirectly or directly. Being the first of your genre or the first clone is the toughest…

At the same time most of the games that are consider the parent have also taken elements of games that came before them. This is something that has been happening in the gaming industry for a long time.

So lets take a look at what elements of Perpetuum that make it a clone of Eve Online and also look at the elements that make it different.

Lets start with the clone elements…..

First thing that the user is presented with is the Graphic User Interface (GUI). Perpetuum’s GUI looks as though it is a total rip of the Eve GUI. Yes, it is true many elements are exactly the same as Eve’s GUI. There are reason for the Perpetuum GUI looking just like Eve’s GUI. Lets just look at one example of the two games GUI.

Perpetuum has a lot going on within the game and is forced to give the user/player the correct GUI elements to navigate the world and accomplish this without making it hard for the user/player to achieve their in game goals. The same thing is true for Eve and as more features are added the developers have to find suitable ways to present the data to the player. When it comes to specific types of data the best way to present it happens to be the very common columns and rows taken from spreadsheets.

If you look at Eve’s Overview window and Perpetuum’s Landmarks window they are very similar becuase of the data they want to present to the user making the game have a since of ease-of-use. The overview and landmarks windows are not there for you to stare at like it is a piece of art. They both help the player navigate the world in the most efficient manner. It would be ridiculous for Perpetuum not to use this type of UI window just to save some face from being called a clone at the loss of an efficient way to present the user data in a well formatted manner.

Another aspect of Perpetuum that leads the player reviewer to call it an Eve Online clone is the developers choice of robots and mechs in a sandbox style game. Wait… did I just say that robots and mechs make Perpetuum an Eve Online clone?

Doesn’t it seem strange while the main tool / vehicles being very different still make the game a clone? Well in all fairness there really isn’t that much difference between piloted mechs and spaceships. Spaceships and mechs both can fit weapons, they both have engines and can fit different pieces of equipment. Both games have requirements around specific mechanics for fitting the equipment.

I have to say that equipping a robot or mech in Perpetuum is a lot like fitting a spaceship in Eve. But at the same time the robot and mechs make this game much more then a clone of Eve Online.

Eve Online has spaceships in 3 dimensional space while Perpetuum has robots/mechs in 2 dimensions on a planet with sloping terrain.

Perpetuum lets you control the robot/mechs with the classic (W,S,A,D) keys, but also have the option of using just the mouse or a combination of both.

Eve Online doesn’t have free movement control over the spaceship. Instead they use a system of set type paths of approach and orbit; which change by speed increase/decrease or direct user input by double clicking in space or changing the orbit distance.

These above environments and the control systems used to move around in them give the player two very different play styles and strategies for PVPVE.

Lore and background story between the two games are very different. Perpetuum is not as far in the future as Eve’s setting.

In Eve you are a clone pilot in a pod that is seeded into a ship. Wars have raged between the four different factions that are decedents of the long gone human race. Pilots work for different faction corporations.

In Perpetuum you are a human agent working on a space station in orbit around Earth with a remote connection to a nano bot called a Spark. The Spark gives you control of the different robots/mechs from three different factions of alien technology on a distance planet. Each agent works for an Earth based corporation working to bring much needed energy back to earth.

While certain aspects at first glance seem to make Perpetuum appear to be a direct clone of Eve Online, there are plenty of differences between the two games that set them apart. At the same time Eve refugees will find them selves in familiar game mechanics with refreshing game play changes.

I invite you to come and see for your self and check out Perpetuum