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Hate and Hype or online gaming speculations

Trolls, Fanbois, haters and lovers unite! What is the deal behind the Hype. We often form sides on upcoming games based off of heresay or speculation. In this weekly Blog I will be looking at the Hype surrounding upcoming and released Games.

Author: Grandis

Love take me down to the streets. . .

Posted by Grandis Thursday May 14 2009 at 4:45PM
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 Soon as the word hits the streets (is that a Wings song?)  the hype begins.  It does not matter what the game is, hate and hype take hold in a instant.  

PBS announces Sesame Street Online,  This game will roxzor!, SSO for the win! Followed by:  PBS makes crap!  I will never buy anything that Big Bird had his feathers in!  PVP in this game sux!  

What is it about us that we have a need to hype up a game and try and bring down all others?  Well first off we are all experts.  I know what you are saying; "I maybe a expert, but you sure as hell are not!"  well we all are.  Experts in what we want.  Sure what we want may not be feasible or possible from a game design perspective.  But I tell ya I ain't some letting some code monkey tell me what I want!  

So every game that comes out we compare it to the list in our head.  Once it is found lacking we hate.  We make sure that we let every one know it!  Of course we want all our online brethren to know, we judge this game and find it lacking!  Or we like the idea so much behind a game that we love it and fill in the blanks!  Love Sesame Street Online?  Well then of course it will do all that we dreamed (until proven wrong)  The PVP in SSO is going to be so Bloody!  I can't wait to make a Grouch!

 Fanbois and trolls share a certain blind spot.  Once established in their view, it is very difficult to sway them, even with facts.  But ya really gotta ask yourself:  Why the fook do I care what Joe Schmoe, from No Where Near Me, thinks?  That is a good question and one we will be looking over in future blogs.

Untli next time. . . SSO ftw!