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A most curious little Gnome

Posted by Grakulen Tuesday February 17 2015 at 8:56PM
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Hello everyone, this is a repost from my own blog. I don't always play MMO's (shocker).


Lately I have been learning 5e D&D and getting my son and daughter in on the action and then blogging about it. This is the first blog entry. I'll continue to repost them here but you can see them sooner over at: along with the art that goes along with it.


A most curious little gnome joined our team of adventures on their journey through the Redbrand hideout. Samantha escorted the slaves that our heroes freed at the conclusion of last week out of the jails and back into town. On Samantha's way back she stopped in at the local watering hole and ran into Ranger Roy Rafferty (played by Steve). Roy was eager to put an end to the local pillaging of caravans and slave trade. Roy thought nothing of heading in the hideout on his own to meet up with Zactelious and Eulogy. Samantha rested in town due to her grievous wounds.


Once inside Roy quickly integrated himself into the team. His impact was immediately felt. Z and Eulogy attempted to force open a locked door while Roy looked on in not so quiet contemplation. Roy leaned on the wall opposite the hall that Z and Eulogy were attempting to force and unceremoniously found himself falling through a secret door into a storage room connected to a large cavern.


Once in the cavern our adventurers were mentally warned away by a nothic. The nothic's warning were not headed. Fierce combat ensued and Z took a lot of damage but was able to pull though due to some healing provided by Eulogy. The nothic seeing that his doom was evident pleaded with the adventurers to spare his life in exchange for information on the Redbrand's that had taken up residence in his home. The nothic also offered the group part of his treasure horde to provide him with food and to leave him in peace. The group agreed and Roy recognized that the sword the nothic had given to Z was Talon. A +1 long sword that previously belonged to Sir Aldith that had died fighting off orcs that lived in this region.


Nothic also provide the location of the Redbrand leader Glasstaff. While Z and Eulogy were busy fighting the nothic Roy discovered another hidden door while rummaging through barrels in the store room. This hidden door lead into Glasstaff's chambers. 


Roy unsuccessfully attempted to sneak into Glasstaff's room unnoticed. Once inside Glasstaff greeted our adventures to delay them from engaging him. Z tried to pursuade Glasstaff to give him his staff but Glasstaff promised him even something more glorious if he waited for him to return from the adjoining room. Roy and Z set a trap for when Glasstaff was to return while Eulogy chuckled in the corner knowing full well that Glasstaff had fled.


Our adventurer's did find out that they are in fact the target of an agent known as the Spider. They returned back to  Phandalin to rest up and plan their next move.