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Gortz: The Insane Ramblings of a mature gamer

If words like "before the War" or "in my time" start your sentences then read on.

Author: Wolfenbane

Todays Warped Playerbase

Posted by Wolfenbane Thursday July 30 2009 at 6:53PM
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Hi there

My 2nd entry not quite so rosy cheeked Im afraid as of late Ive happened upon the worst side of todays current player base.

Let me take you back way back - in the old days computers were'nt a gaming item they were feared as the new evil and we all dreaded the phone to ring with only a metallic voice asking "shall we play a game"...I bet he woulda been shocked if we had said "sure got any mario karts?"

Table top gaming with suddenly cool and live role play out in the woods in your mums cut out sheet and a rubber sword.

This where my roots lay, ive been imersed in Fantasy world pretty much since i was 12yrs old plus (yeah im an old git), i know the basics of classes and what should be what and technically how races and so on really fit in the world of fantasy - according to the D+D/forgotten realms and those game play books where you played a game in the book by turning to page according to your actions? awesome them.

So imagine my dismay when I was promptly told to learn D+D and what that class is meant to be.

Being a mature chap did I pipe up and lay claim to the fantasy childhood and all the past major MMOs that ive played, no I thought we was having a finer discussion on the state of the game, but turns out that was just me.

Then similary I run past out in the wilds, one chap killing goblins a while back and he emotes puke on me and keeps standing in my way of items and loot etc, so I told him to grow up. Woah a bad move as he promptly decided to "report me" and spam me and my guild at the time with random no brainer lines "your guild sux, retards" and such pleasantries. He also created an alt called "suckyguild" and spammed me from that.

This is the guy who gets beaten up regulary at school now dishing out his "anomity" retribution.

Which leads me to the thought - what has happened to todays gamers? selfish - quick fix - socially inept and just pure rage filled players that they are.

Ive yet to find a decent bunch out of quite a few past major mmos.

If this is the case then I think it may be best I rez my D+D druid and start back again with my lines such as "halt you undead filth, have upon thee"

I suggest mearly that many people take a look at the front cover of the box the cds came in and re-read that word "game".





Musing Chapter 1

Posted by Wolfenbane Saturday July 11 2009 at 5:54AM
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Greetings all,

Often I have ramblings rattling around my skull, real stupid stuff, and always at certain moments of the day, like in the shower or mid way through a conversation at work.

Usually stuff like "why are all the toilet doors push to get in but pull to get out? - why? if some people don't wash their hands then the last thing I want to do it put my hand on the handle to pull to get out" - or - "thong song by Sisqo - to cut to the chase if she dumps like a truck then its quite safe to say I don't want to see her thong"

But every now and then its interspersed with gaming ideas.

My latest happened mid way through a meeting about some IT thing I was working on, dunno i was off in fairy land before the death by Powerpoint even got into swing.

Blizzard are sitting on a cash cow, WOW's basic setup could be applied to other themes.

Take my passion of Star Wars, imagine WOW with a star wars skin and models ontop, seriously it would be something special.

All the new developers keep trying to come up with some originality and tbh alot of them fail but most of them just end with a game thats so similar to WOW anyway, I just thought why doesn't blizzard sell the engine and core game system out, then others can add their "skins" to it and hey presto - lots of juicy based games out that are worth playing for a change.

I'm not a WOW fanboi by a long shot but lets be honest - WOW is the best MMO in terms of depth and playability, if your truly honest you will go - "yeah I hate to admit it but they have got there game pretty well slicked"

But back to my idea - imagine the Kalimdor is now Dantooine with Stormtrooper NPC standing outside what used to be Oggi but is now a massive Empire Base.

Imagine Wailing Caves is now run amok with Droidekas

But wait it doesn't stop there, the zones can all be tweaked - barrens is the open sand of dantooine and 1K needles is the rock formations used by the pod racers and so on.

You can apply this to anygame theme really. Give the guys the core structure, obviously if they just applied a "skin" over the top of WOW then we'd end up with 20 wow mods if you will, I'm talking the core engine and setup then the guys tweak so its a completely different setup, but the mechanics is the same.

Think the unreal engine and the way its used in various games if you will. It could work out very well for all parties - Blizzard end up rich (oh wait too late) and we all get game worth paying a tenner a month for!

Idea copyrighted by Gortzboogiedownproductions@2009 ...ahem...:)

Any other ideas please send them on a postcared (softer paper is best, scented if you have it) to "thanksiwasoutoftoiletpaper Competition" to me here.


So there you go more weird musing to come I'm sure lets just not hope as it turned out in the meeting when it was my turn to stand up and speak and my head was full of Ewoks and various ways to set them of fire or even BBQ....hmm back soon....sauce gotta have sauce....reckon they taste like chicken?.....

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