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A Magi Golem's Adventures

My blog will follow my adventures in various MMOs and talk about both modern and old school games.

Author: Golem_Pyramid

Playing in the MUD: I'm not ready for PvP >:O

Posted by Golem_Pyramid Tuesday June 16 2015 at 2:41AM
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Now that my newbie Mage in Achaea has spent the past couple days getting up to a decent level, I decided to finally give PvP a try. Achaea describes its PvP as "complex", and boy is that an understatement. When I think of "complex" PvP, I think of trying to min-max your stats and figure out the best combination of buttons to press. This brought complex to a whole new level, as I discovered that PvP revolves entirely around dozens of afflictions, each with their own cure. You need to not only keep the offense pressure on your opponent, but manage your own curing to prevent them from gaining the momentum on you. And things scroll by fast, super fast.

Luckily I discovered Achaea has a built-in curing system that will automatically cure your character of afflictions. Of course, these cures have their own cooldowns, so if your opponent is attacking you faster than you can cure, you're pretty screwed.

Enough about that, though. Lets get down to my pitiful attempt at making eyeballs explode. I jumped into the arena for a 1 versus 1 spar, against another player of the Serpent class. Serpents are like Rogues pretty much, using daggers to stab you really fast, bows to snipe you from a distance, and they can summon pet snakes that will bite you with poison effects.

I should also mention that apparently, Serpents are the fastest "affliction" class in the game. They can put venoms on their daggers and stab you twice per attack balance, stabbing twice every 2 seconds. At 2 venoms delivered per attack, at 2 seconds per attack, with their pet snake biting you every 4 seconds or so, that means they're delivering an average of 8 afflictions every 10 seconds. We had barely started the fight before I was paralysed, vomiting, asleep, dizzy, sensitive to pain, and god knows what else they afflicted me with.

So I wasn't ready for fighting affliction classes yet. I decided to fight someone from a more straight forward class, the Monk. Monks pretty much do Tekura, which is Achaea kung-fu, and they kick and punch you for lots of blunt damage. I managed to put up a little bit of offense, zapping the monk with lightning from my staff, and setting him on fire a few times with my firelash ability. However, I discovered that your limbs can be broken from enough damage, as the Monk broke both my legs and then broke my spine over their knee for an instant kill. Apparently I could've avoided this horrible way to die if I had been carrying the cures for broken limbs. But hey, success is failing over and over again, right? Right.

Despite getting absolutely massacred in my attempts at PvP, I'm not disheartened. Its actually quite fun, and I'm sure I'll get used to the text flying by at lightning speed. When that day comes, I'll be exploding eyeballs from their sockets so much, they'll call me The Exploder of Eyeballs. Not very original, but certainly menacing. writes:
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