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Godliest's I'm Bored Blog

Written by a whiney little teenage kid who will be ranting about stupid things. Will probably be updated when the whiney kid isn't watching South Park or playing Frets on Fire.

Author: Godliest

The elite culture or "Want to spend 7 hours doing nothing?"

Posted by Godliest Tuesday December 18 2007 at 10:46AM
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This official sucks... I spend a hour writing a post and then you by accident click the delete button with marking anything and voíla: everything is gone!

I had very nice post here and as I'm not going to rewrite it I will do a short summary

  • I hate hardcore favorism.
  • Hardcores should have no advantages over other players.
  • Everything in the game should depend on skill.
  • Your reason for playing boss fights should be because you enjoy them.
  • Endgame content should be more about fun and force you to play less.
  • The hardcore glorification on MMORPG should end immediately.
  • Starting to play a bit after the release of the game shouldn't cripple you.
  • Moar cookies for me.
  • Pictures are nice.

And to finish off this, once long but now very short, post about hardcorism I'll say [triple dot] NOTHING! because I've got no idea what to say, kthx.

(If you got nothing to say just show some pictures)

alakram writes:

so you like cats? I have 8 in my home :D


Tue Dec 18 2007 11:03AM Report
soulwynd writes:


Tue Dec 18 2007 12:14PM Report
Hexxeity writes:

Or maybe you should let the hardcore players have their games while you play something else.

Endgame content should not exist -- the whole game should be fun.

You shouldn't be trying to level up because of the promise of more fun at higher levels.  You should level up as a side effect of the fun you are having right now.

Tue Dec 18 2007 3:05PM Report
ZoOoO writes:

What people should face, is that, eventually, all things come to a end, even a game, eventually ends.

 "Endgame contend" is a lie we created sometime in the past  to gives a excuse to ourselves to keep wasting our-time in something that we already know got nothing more to offer us

Asking  any Dev to provide endgame contend is baby talking(if such expression exist in English) and if he/she/they promise you Endgame contend, res assure, they just lying to you

so follow those steps

 A -- beat the game if you got time/will/skill
 B -- achieve your owns goals at the game
 C -- delete the game

Rise and repeat at anygiven game, and you`ll be just fine

Wed Dec 19 2007 6:08PM Report writes:
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