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Lack of Persistent World Objective PvP

Posted by GeneralCrazy Saturday July 14 2007 at 11:55AM
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What is unique ability to MMO's is the ability to have large scale objective PvP that can give bonuses.

There is nothing worse in object base PvP where 95% of the people will ignore the object so they can just up their own player kill count. Too many games lack real objective based PvP.

Objectives PvP should always be the number one priority because of the Persistent World that is unique to the MMO, it is the one thing other type games can not accomplish.

So why would anyone pay a month fee for a MMO so they can PvP that has no unique elements to it that you can get from other games without the monthly fee?

Things in MMO's that break grouping and social interaction.

Posted by GeneralCrazy Thursday July 5 2007 at 7:16AM
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Group Experience and Currency:


In most games the Experience and Currency gained in groups is less then what someone will gain while soloing.


Possible Solution - Grouping should have it's bonuses over soloing but at the same time it shouldn't be forced.



Loot and Non-Transferable Items:


People who are farming for Gear or other Required loot usually don't group or don't want to group with others that can use the same items because they don't want to compete for items that they have to spend a long time trying to acquire.


Possible Solution - Crafted Items and hand me downs are a good way to promote player interaction.



Leveling Power Curve:


The fact that you are only able to group effectively with players that are just one or two levels difference limits choices on grouping.


Possible Solution -  Decreasing the leveling power curve and bringing players of wider level ranges closer together would prevent having so many “Grey Mobs” at higher levels, having better effect on content design and usefulness of items.



Instance or Camp Dungeons:


Most Instanced dungeons take too long, isolate groups from each other and only serve the purpose of farming some form of loot (covered in 2).  Camp Dungeons that usually have some camping the same spawn point over and over again.


Possible Solution - Only seen one game with Dungeons where not instances that took about 15 minutes, had no respawning other then larger mobs that spawned lower level mobs and once you cleared it everyone would have to leave and wait about minute outside before it would reset itself, it was great at helping to promote grouping.



Quests (Also known as Missions or Tasks):


Quests in most games seem to be preferred way to gain experience, but are totally useless to anyone not on the quest(Could also fall under 1) and if they are it may require drops that can only be looted by one player at a time(Could also fall under 2).


Possible Solution -   Games that give everyone in the group the same reward if they helped someone in the group complete a quest.


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