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MMO comparisons and reviews

I am on a mission to find Free to play, pay to play, and all around good MMOs. I will compare them and will review them. i hope you enjoy this Blog and all it has brought you Singed-Gamer Bro Kaptinoob

Author: GamerBros

RaiderZ Review- Gamer Bro Kaptinoob

Posted by GamerBros Monday June 10 2013 at 9:53AM
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Hi, Kaptinoob here to talk about the MMORPG RaiderZ, Published By To start, I'll talk about the first thing you see when you start a game. The character  creation screen. Although this is technically not the FIRST thing you see, it is the first most IMPORTANT thing you see. To start the first thing you'll see is what kind of style your character is going to be. You have four classes/styles to chose from. They are, in this order, Defender, Berserker, Cleric, and Sorcerer. Go ahead and pick anyone you want,  you don't have to follow that style strictly. I will go over what each style is like. Defenders are your supports. They wield a shield and a one handed sword or a one handed mace. They have many abilities that are good for stunning the enemy. They also have abilities that can pull a lot of Aggression on to them. Then there is the Berserker. This is your super tank class. Basically , they have high health, and deal tons of damage. They are the chargers. the ones that run in there and tare up the place. they can use Two Handed swords and two handed maces . They, along with the Defender, are the backbone of the party. Then there is the Cleric. This is a person who can heal people, heal themselves, and pretty much pummel through enemies like they were nothing. They can use a one handed mace, or a two handed mace, or a staff. Finally, there is the sorcerer. This is your classic mage class. They have as variety of abilities to hit enemies from afar, and do tons of damage. They can use one handed swords and staffs. But, if you want to be a defender with magic , or a berserker with healing properties, then go ahead. as soon as you hit level ten, you can branch off however you like! And this has only been the classes. Next, we have the face customization, and the head, and the tattoo, and the color of your starting clothes. There are some pretty cool options to chose from. But you don't want to here about that do you? No, you want the good stuff. Don't worry I'll get there. But first, the cosmetics. the game looks beautiful. It has lush backgrounds, and weapons and monsters are totally awesome. they aren't the greatest graphics in the world, but are gorgeous for a free to play game. Now, we open. We are at a camp, helping an army fight some goblins. They seem to need our help. so after aiding them, you get to fight a big monster. A large goblin golem. And this is were them fun of the game comes form. the big monsters. You have to avoid the telepathed attacks, and hit a certain spot to get damage off. Then the tutorial ends. We did find out however, that there is a pretty amazing system for new players. there are weapons on the ground, and if you pick them up, you'll get them temporarily. Then you can test some of the other styles abilities. Oh, and combat, is pretty awesome. It is an action game, like Tera online, or Guild Wars two. So no auto attacks and hotkey battles. You have to click shift to dodge, and hit an enemy form behind. This makes combat interesting and fun, and fighting big Monsters even better. The reward system for leveling up is Amazing. You have boxes you can open a certain levels, and at level ten you can branch off into other styles. and at level fifteen, you have a turning point. You get to go to a more dangerous area, and you get better weapons than ever before, better armor, and more opportunities and quests. All in all, the reward system's good. Oh, and, if you get bored of one character, make another, or another, or another! You can have up to five characters! In conclusion, i say that RaiderZ is an excellent MMORPG for anyone who is willing to play. You'll never stop having fun with a game like this. Out of 1 to 10, 10 being amazing, and 1 being awful, i give this game a solid 7/10 on my list. Not the greatest game ever, but it is sure a fun experience.


Singed- Gamer Bro kaptinoob