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Game by Night

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Author: GameByNight

Is DDO for me? What do you think?

Posted by GameByNight Wednesday September 9 2009 at 3:23PM
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Since DDO is now officially Free-to-Play, my mind predictably floats towards downloading it again. I participated in the beta, if you care to call it that. Unfortunately, at the time I was also actively playing Aion and one of them had to be cut; the choice was obvious. What I did play, I liked. The couple of dungeons I checked out were polished and fun, which is a definite mark in it's favor now that it's stacked up against the likes of Runescape. Given a choice between the two, I'm pretty sure I'd choose DDO 3 out of 5 times.

As I grew up, I never took part in any of the tabletop D&D sessions my older cousins did, so having this new option is especially intriguing. I'd actually looked into the game before I started playing WoW but gave up on the idea solely out of the pay to play aspect. A little known fact about most college students is that they're po'. Not poor, not needy, just po' and the result is the need to make sacrifices.

Now, however, I have this shiny new option. So will I get it? Probably, yes. I'm impulsive when it comes to games. I have to wonder whether or not I'll actually login though. Unlike other F20 games like Free Realms, DDO doesn't have that "in and out" factor for the new player. It may later on but I'm not sure. As a gamer with limited playtime, I like to get the most out of the few hours I get to spend.

I guess the purpose of this post is to ask, is there any hope of a quick hook with this game? I'm a fan of Turbine's Lord of the Rings Online but DDO is going to be subject to the bumper effect. In my minds eye, I imagine Aion and LotRO as two sumo wrestlers and DDO as a little guy with taped up glasses trying to push in between them. Something is going to have to give and I'm betting that it won't be man-boob. What do you think?


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Annwyn writes:

DDO is pretty good, especially if you have limited playtime. Dungeons are instanced and usually take from 5-30 minutes each. So far I've only tried the Rogue (Acrobat) but it's quite fun. Give it a try, it's free :þ

Wed Sep 09 2009 7:39PM Report
GameByNight writes:

Hm 5-30 minutes, that's definitely less than I thought. I'd imagine there'd have to be tons of them if they're that size. Any idea how many they're packin?

Wed Sep 09 2009 8:50PM Report
Annwyn writes:

Depends, there's about 10-13 dungeons per town. There's 3 catergories "Small" (5-8 minutes), "Medium" (10-18 minutes), "Long" (18-30). Then you have 4 different difficulty settings "Solo, Normal, Hard, Elite". The dungeon gets harder so it's longer obviously.

Currently I'm in Stormreach (second island) and dungeons still takes 5-30 minutes. This may be different at higher level towns though.

One thing you should know is that there are several "towns" with new dungeons that you must BUY from the Cash Shop to gain access OR you can P2P which grants you access to all dungeons and town without any restrictions and you also receives 500 favor points (cash shop currency) every months for personal usages.

This is fairly similar to Wizard101 as you can buy new locations (permanent) if you are a slow grinder or you can P2P , gain access to all the content and complete these zones rather quickly.

Thu Sep 10 2009 11:43AM Report
Babylon9000 writes:

I played it last night. I enjoyed it. I liked Stormreach except for a few things... In Storreach I had trouble finding a team, and without a team you were hooped. Now I can click solo and go go go.

I actually just cancelled my CXhapions sub and will likely be spending my hard earned dough on DDO. I like the monthly sub with Turbine points  option, and I like that if I want more coll stuff for my toon I can buy more points in a package.

The dungeons were nice qick loads, graphics were smooth on the highest setting (GE Force 9400GT Dual Core 2.13ghz 4GB Ram)

The puzzles are very fun, that's what I liked about the original verision as well. No other MMO has puzzles like DDO, it reminds of Tomb Raider games and I liked that.

The customizaiton is pretty good for a fantasy game but as always and with any fantasy gaem needs a serious upgrade. ( CoX and CO have character creators that all games should be looking to emulate) There were too many toons running aorund with the same outfits and the same flaming sword last night that I noticed for sure.


Other than the lack of character diversity and uniqueness the game is totally awesome and I plan to spend many hours playing it.


Great job Turbine!

Fri Sep 11 2009 12:41PM Report
Byondkire writes:

 There are long dungeons and they can take longer depending on the group. With a good group i know people who can run any quest in the game in 30 mins, except for two or three of the raids. If i remember correctly, there are over 120 dungeons spanning the game, with 5-8 explorer zones (thing guilds war private instances) and close to ten raids. It's a pretty full game, but alas, after fifteen toons or so i became bored of it. There isn't a big PvP system though.



Fri Sep 11 2009 4:01PM Report writes:
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