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Game by Night

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Author: GameByNight

Breaking news: top WoW PvPer actually a lifeless hobo

Posted by GameByNight Tuesday September 8 2009 at 2:35AM
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If you’ve been reading WoW Insider ( now) for any length of time, you’ve probably heard of a guy named Serennia. He’s one of WoW’s forerunning PvP’ers and a quick Google search will pull up lots of fun PvP videos and SK Gaming . But all is not as it seems in Serennia land. Take a moment to read the transcript included in the article. I'll wait here.

Apparently, to achieve his lofty PvP ambitions, he lives out of a LAN. When he’s not pwning noobs in Arena, his offering his teammates Hershey bars in exchange for a night at their place. Nights which, coincidentally, happen to begin at 3AM when the LAN closes and he, oh so politely, calls you repeatedly to entice you with that sweet, sweet chocolate.

When you watch those videos, you see a guy who’s got drive. When his apartment isn’t undergoing spur of the moment renovations that force all of the tenants to live on the streets, he’s got his bag in order, baby. He’s not the kind of guy that would steal his friend’s iPod, where are the honor points in that? So don’t bother believing this very believable account of the kind of loser he is.

I’m not the kind of person to kick someone when they’re down. In truth, I feel bad for the guy, what kind of life is that? He’s obviously ashamed of it, or else he wouldn’t be lying to the people he was counting on to help him. This guy has a track record for being abusive and derogatory to other players. I’m glad this reality check hit him, sometimes honesty is the best kick in the butt a person can get. With any luck, maybe he'll get his life together to prove the "haters" wrong.



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