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A collection of news, tips and guides for everything within the popular MMORPG, Guild Wars 2, from ArenaNet.

Author: GW2Guidez

Guild Wars 2 PvP Overview & Tips

Posted by GW2Guidez Tuesday December 4 2012 at 9:48AM
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GW2 PvP System

There are lots of different kinds of PVP games that you can play in Guild Wars 2, these are some basic helpful tips that should be useful in any situation where yo are fighting another player. The biggest mistake you can make: Think that you can play the same way that you play your PVE game.


The first big difference from PVE to PVP, you need to be mobile almost all the time. Characters have to aim to hit you. Area attacks have to be targeted, and melee characters need to face you . If you are moving around they will have a harder time making you a target. You should also note than they have to keep Line of Sight(LOS) on you to attack.

If you can get behind something, you will be safer from ranged attacks. When you are attacking, your opponents are going to be moving around as well. Use attacks that hinder movement, or completely immobilize them. This way you will hit more often by forcing them to be slow or still. Skills that allow you to jump or teleport are very useful in PVP, consider using them as well.

PvP can be challenging and difficult to master. Learn how to dominate GW2 PvP with a Guild Wars 2 Guide on our main website!

You can prevent a lot of harm to yourself by watching your opponent, and anticipating his move. If you know a big attack is coming, be prepared to use a blocking skill or try to evade by rolling away. This will waste their attack skill and put you in a better position to counter. A good tactic is to roll forward past your opponent, and then you will be behind them, and hopefully catch them off guard.

PVP is a Team Sport

Most of the time you will be in PVP with other players, and by helping your team focus attacks on a single target will generally lead you to victory. Use skills that highlight an opponent or make them fall down, anything as an obvious sign to your team that they are weakened. The other allies and opponents you will encounter are summoned creatures and pets. If you have them, use them to frustrate casters, or be a distraction to melee fighters. If you are fighting, these should be your last targets. Go after them only if you have no players to attack. The players are much more dangerous than their pets are.


Keep the team objective in mind at all times. This is important, and it’s easy to forget. If you are capturing a point, don’t get drawn away to fight somewhere else. Keep the battle on the point, or where your objective is. It’s very easy to get caught up in chasing down a fleeing almost dead enemy, only to run into a larger group, and get killed. Remember that you don’t win for kills but for winning the points, or taking the keep. Try to never be alone, a group has a much better chance of winning if they stick together or in small groups.

Another form of PvP in this game is the GW2 WvW gametype. Check out our post regarding it to learn more.

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Guild Wars 2 Crafting Guide – Craft it Up in GW2

Posted by GW2Guidez Monday December 3 2012 at 3:24PM
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Crafting in Guild Wars 2 tends to be a fun experience, as well as providing you with useful items for your own characters or that you can sell to others. Each of your characters can be working with two crafting disciplines at any time. The good news is you’re not locked into the choices you make! You can change your professions at any time. Your previous profession is put on hold, and you can take it up again later if you choose to. There are 8 total crafting professions, and resource gathering trades are available to everyone, and don’t count against the limit. In fact, you can equip the tools for each all the time, so you are prepared to harvest when you find some resources.


Each profession has it’s own recipes of items that you can create. These are learned either by finding the recipe out in the world, either as loot, or from a NPC vendor, or you will learn them yourself through the discovery mode.

Get a full, step by step, leveling and general basics course to crafting by checking out the GW2 crafting guide found on the main page of our website.

In Discovery, you take some of your known crafting materials or parts, and attempt to find combinations that will create new items. The game will give you a hint as to how many possible items can come from a material you put in, but it’s up to you to figure out what the other components are. Once you have learned a recipe, it’s added to your recipe book and you will be able to make them.

Prepare to Craft

Crafting is not difficult, but it will require you to do a few things. You will need a lot of space for your parts. Your bank has a special tab just for basic ingredients, and you will see that there are quite a few. What you will need space for is all the components that you will make. You will probably want to get yourself some big bags to improve your inventory as soon as possible if you are serious about crafting. Your ability to level your crafting is not tied to your characters level.

You will gain experience as long as you keep making things. It is possible to level up from crafting alone! Unfortunately, you will need a large supply of raw materials. These can be found in the world, either as loot drops or from harvesting nodes, or you can salvage unwanted items that you find, and turn them back into raw materials. You can also try buying resources on the Trading Post, but that will be the most costly method. If you are part of a guild, many times resources are shared among guild members, this can be really helpful in getting yourself leveled up in crafting.


Sell and Trade

Once you’ve made your crafted items, you can try to sell them or trade to friends or guild mates, or sell them on the Trading Post. Item prices vary, but as you watch the Trading Post, you can learn what items that you make will be profitable. Typically, the more rare the item, the more it will sell for.

For more details on crafting and other aspects of Guild Wars 2 such as choosing a profession, earning XP fast and more, check out our GW2 leveling tips to learn how to rack up the experience and level your character quick.

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GW2 Leveling Guide – Tips & Tricks for Leveling Fast

Posted by GW2Guidez Monday December 3 2012 at 2:52PM
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Leveling is an important aspect of pretty much every MMORPG that has ever been released, with the exception of The Secret World. Guild Wars 2, however, isn’t an exception. Unfortunately, leveling can be a long, arduous task. And, for some, it can even be boring. But there are ways to quickly and easily level up your character. It’ll still take a little time and patience but it’s well worth looking over the leveling tips below to help you make quick works of progressing your toon in-game.

The way and place that you level will depend on which of the GW2 races you selected during the character creation section of the game. Each race has it’s own starting point and mini-quests to take on to help kickstart the leveling process. Also keep in mind that completing story quests along the way when you’re appropriately leveled is a quick, easy way to earn extra experience while doing other leveling tasks. Below we’ve outlined a few hot tips to level faster. Also check out our GW2 leveling guide for even more info.

General GW2 Leveling Tips

1. Play World versus World A TON – Believe it or not, it doesn’t matter what level you are in GW2, you can still benefit greatly from the WvW gameplay. Hell, you can immediately jump into the GW2 WvWaction as soon as you’re done with character creation and start earning a ton of XP, karma and even gold. All you have to do is help your team to capture keeps and participate in any dynamic events that become available to you. It’s fast, fun and it works well, especially for new players.

2. Gather Crafting Items – As soon as you have enough gold to do so, go to a vendor and buy all 3 tools for gathering (pickaxe, scythe, axe) and equip them to your character. Once you’ve done this, start roaming around and collecting any useful materials you can find for crafting. In GW2 you earn experience for both gathering materials and crafting items. And this can be done at any level.

3. Complete Heart Quests in GW2 – Even from your race’s starting area you’ll notice there are empty gold hearts plastered all over your map. Travel to these locations and complete the quests associated with these areas. They’re usually pretty simple, quick quests that can earn you a fair amount of experience points and gold. This is mainly useful for beginning players but can prove helpful for higher leveled characters as well.

4. Buy Boost Gems – Boost gems can be pricey, so you better have a hefty amount of gold for this one, but they can be extremely useful for leveling. The gems provide your character with a 50% increase in experience gains per hour. Might not seem like a lot, but 1.5x experience can add up pretty quickly if you’re going out and killing enemies and completing quests often.

5. Complete Dynamic Events – Dynamic events have been a popular system among MMO games lately (namely games like RIFT) and these events can help your character a ton when leveling. Simply look for orange circles on your map and head to them. These are where you’ll find the events. They provide significant rewards in XP, gold and even karma. Sometimes they may interfere with heart quests you’re currently involved in. If this happens, forget about the heart quest and pursue the event (events reward you better).

6. Grab a GW2 Leveling Guide – Looking to save time and level your character to level 80 as quickly as possible? Picking up a guide may suit your needs. Most guides provide players with secret leveling locations, tips for maximizing XP gains and more to help them quickly and easily level up. The best one available right now is one called GW2 Domination. It’s packed full of great tips and tricks for leveling your toon fast to reach the level cap.

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