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A collection of news, tips and guides for everything within the popular MMORPG, Guild Wars 2, from ArenaNet.

Author: GW2Guidez

Guild Wars 2 PvP Overview & Tips

Posted by GW2Guidez Tuesday December 4 2012 at 8:48AM
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GW2 PvP System

There are lots of different kinds of PVP games that you can play in Guild Wars 2, these are some basic helpful tips that should be useful in any situation where yo are fighting another player. The biggest mistake you can make: Think that you can play the same way that you play your PVE game.


The first big difference from PVE to PVP, you need to be mobile almost all the time. Characters have to aim to hit you. Area attacks have to be targeted, and melee characters need to face you . If you are moving around they will have a harder time making you a target. You should also note than they have to keep Line of Sight(LOS) on you to attack.

If you can get behind something, you will be safer from ranged attacks. When you are attacking, your opponents are going to be moving around as well. Use attacks that hinder movement, or completely immobilize them. This way you will hit more often by forcing them to be slow or still. Skills that allow you to jump or teleport are very useful in PVP, consider using them as well.

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You can prevent a lot of harm to yourself by watching your opponent, and anticipating his move. If you know a big attack is coming, be prepared to use a blocking skill or try to evade by rolling away. This will waste their attack skill and put you in a better position to counter. A good tactic is to roll forward past your opponent, and then you will be behind them, and hopefully catch them off guard.

PVP is a Team Sport

Most of the time you will be in PVP with other players, and by helping your team focus attacks on a single target will generally lead you to victory. Use skills that highlight an opponent or make them fall down, anything as an obvious sign to your team that they are weakened. The other allies and opponents you will encounter are summoned creatures and pets. If you have them, use them to frustrate casters, or be a distraction to melee fighters. If you are fighting, these should be your last targets. Go after them only if you have no players to attack. The players are much more dangerous than their pets are.


Keep the team objective in mind at all times. This is important, and it’s easy to forget. If you are capturing a point, don’t get drawn away to fight somewhere else. Keep the battle on the point, or where your objective is. It’s very easy to get caught up in chasing down a fleeing almost dead enemy, only to run into a larger group, and get killed. Remember that you don’t win for kills but for winning the points, or taking the keep. Try to never be alone, a group has a much better chance of winning if they stick together or in small groups.

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