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A collection of news, tips and guides for everything within the popular MMORPG, Guild Wars 2, from ArenaNet.

Author: GW2Guidez

GW2 Cooking Leveling Guide 1-400

Posted by GW2Guidez Monday November 19 2012 at 9:11PM
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Cooking is by far one of the most rewarding crafting disciplines within Guild Wars 2. Why? Because you can gain TONS of experience for both crafting and normal leveling from it PLUS it is generally one of the cheapest crafts to bring up to the max level of 400. It’s best if you start leveling Chef as soon as possible but it’s still rewarding if you start at later levels as well. Below we have provided a complete, fast leveling guide for cooking for levels 1 to 400.

NOTE: If you want to speed through this as the guide intends be sure to purchase a crafting booster (gives a 50% boost for one hour) which only costs 150 gems right now on the Black Lion Trading Company. It’s not required, but still recommended to speed up the process.

Cooking Leveling Guide 1-400

If you are able to find the ingredients for each item via a merchant, purchase them there as they will be slightly cheaper. As for materials not found at a merchant, purchase them on the Trading Post. Remember that you can sell off some of the items you craft to even out the coin you’ll spend for materials. Some crafted materials in the beginning aren’t worth much, though.

Levels 1 – 40

Item to Craft: Balls of Dough

Quantity: 114

Requires: Jug of Water x 114, Stick of Butter x 114, Bag of Flour x 114

GW2 Bottle of Simple Dressing Recipe

Levels 40 – 75

Item to Craft: Bottle of Simple Dressing (130), Pasta Noodles (11)

Quantity: 130, 11

Requires: Jar of Vegetable Oil x 130, Jar of Vinegar x 130, Pile of Salt and Pepper x 130, Jug of Water x 11, Bag of Flour x 11, Egg x 11

GW2 Blackberry Pie Recipe

Levels 315 – 330

Item to Craft: Roasted Parsnip

Quantity: 20

Requires: Parsnip x 20, Jar of Vegetable Oil x 20, Pile of Salt and Pepper x 20

Levels 330 – 350

Item to Craft: 2 Bowls of Poultry and Leek Soup

Quantity: 15

Requires: Bowl of Cream Soup Base x 15, Slab of Poultry Meat x 15, Leek x 15

Levels 350 – 375

Item to Craft: Spicier Flank Steak

Quantity: 25

Requires: Slab of Red Meat x 25, Cayenne Pepper x 25

Levels 375 – 400

Item to Craft: 3 Peach Pies

Quantity: 82

Requires: Bowl of Peach Pie Filling x 82, Ball of Dough x 82


If you do this all in one sitting it will take a few hours, a little less if you use a crafting booster. We took our time a bit and did this across 3 days. That’s a complete leveling of cooking from 1 to 400 in just 3 days, most people will finish faster than that. This will bring you up to Master Chef. Please note that the more you craft any given item, the less experience you will gain from it and, eventually, you’ll earn little to no experience from crafting once you reach the Master level.

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