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Guild Wars 2 Leveling Tips

This blog will give you some tips and tricks for leveling as well as the Trading post strategies and info about the PVP system.

Author: GW2Dominat

Guild Wars 2 Mesmer Profession Leveling Build

Posted by GW2Dominat Saturday September 22 2012 at 6:28AM
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In this post we are going to look at the Mesmer in Guild Wars 2 and give you a leveling build that should help you if you are struggling with the game. If you are playing as another profession you may want to check out our Ranger,Thief , Necromancer or Warrior builds.

The key with making a strong build with the Mesmer is to keep her out of battles as she is not as resilient as a Warrior. This build focuses on creating Illusions and getting them to do the fighting for you so you can stay out of harms way.



The Scepter Pistol main weapon combination is important because it allows you to do decent damage to your enemies while maintaining your distance so that your illusions are the ones being attacked.

You need to use a staff as the secondary weapon for the Phantasmal Warlock spell that gives you a little diversity in your illusions.


Trait Progression Order
1. 10 Inspiration
2. 10 Domination
3. 10 Illusions
4. 10 Domination
5. 10 Inspiration
6. 10 Illusions
7. 10 Inspiration

The Domination tree is all about enhancing the damage power of your build. It extends conditional damage, enhances attack damage, and when you pick Rending Shatter for the last skill you add vulnerability to your enemies whenever one of your illusions shatters which is great for helping you dish out more damage. It is helpful to get points in this section early because it greatly boosts damage.

Inspiration is all about your survival and it is an important tree for you to be focusing on for survival on your own. The overall increase in life and healing will make it easier for you to keep alive when the pressure is on you. Persisting Images is the best skill option for the first slot because it will keep your illusions alive longer meaning you can handle more difficult fights. Compounding Celerity is great for the second slot because an increase in speed will keep you from getting hit and allow you to get around the world faster. Since you’re primary damage is going to be coming from your scepter Malicious Sorcery is a no-brainer for the last slot and it should greatly enhance your damage.

The Illusion tree is the final step in making your phantasm build really powerful. Pick Compounding Power for the first skill and Phantasmal Haste for the second. Both abilities really help to get your Phantasms dealing more damage which is a top priority since they are your main damage dealers. You will also get the ability to use Shatter more often and have it apply a confusion by speccing into Illusions which will make the build more flexible.


Healing – Ether Feast
Ether Feast takes advantage of the large number of Phantasms that you are going to have out and it is the best healing ability that you can get for this build.

Utility 1 – Signet of Domination

While the condition damage boost of this spell is useful, the stun is what you are really after and you will be using it often to keep wandering enemies from beating you down.

Utility 2 – Null Field

If you are getting blasted with conditional damage throw this out real quick and get some relief.

Utility 3 – Veil

Veil is useful for manoeuvring around large groups of enemies. It gives you the power to turn invisible several times during a fight which is a nice advantage when you are trying to avoid being hit.

Elite – Time Warp

Use Time Warp to get away when you are in danger.

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