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Guild Wars 2 Leveling Tips

This blog will give you some tips and tricks for leveling as well as the Trading post strategies and info about the PVP system.

Author: GW2Dominat

Guild Wars 2 Mesmer Profession Leveling Build

Posted by GW2Dominat Saturday September 22 2012 at 6:28AM
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In this post we are going to look at the Mesmer in Guild Wars 2 and give you a leveling build that should help you if you are struggling with the game. If you are playing as another profession you may want to check out our Ranger,Thief , Necromancer or Warrior builds.

The key with making a strong build with the Mesmer is to keep her out of battles as she is not as resilient as a Warrior. This build focuses on creating Illusions and getting them to do the fighting for you so you can stay out of harms way.



The Scepter Pistol main weapon combination is important because it allows you to do decent damage to your enemies while maintaining your distance so that your illusions are the ones being attacked.

You need to use a staff as the secondary weapon for the Phantasmal Warlock spell that gives you a little diversity in your illusions.


Trait Progression Order
1. 10 Inspiration
2. 10 Domination
3. 10 Illusions
4. 10 Domination
5. 10 Inspiration
6. 10 Illusions
7. 10 Inspiration

The Domination tree is all about enhancing the damage power of your build. It extends conditional damage, enhances attack damage, and when you pick Rending Shatter for the last skill you add vulnerability to your enemies whenever one of your illusions shatters which is great for helping you dish out more damage. It is helpful to get points in this section early because it greatly boosts damage.

Inspiration is all about your survival and it is an important tree for you to be focusing on for survival on your own. The overall increase in life and healing will make it easier for you to keep alive when the pressure is on you. Persisting Images is the best skill option for the first slot because it will keep your illusions alive longer meaning you can handle more difficult fights. Compounding Celerity is great for the second slot because an increase in speed will keep you from getting hit and allow you to get around the world faster. Since you’re primary damage is going to be coming from your scepter Malicious Sorcery is a no-brainer for the last slot and it should greatly enhance your damage.

The Illusion tree is the final step in making your phantasm build really powerful. Pick Compounding Power for the first skill and Phantasmal Haste for the second. Both abilities really help to get your Phantasms dealing more damage which is a top priority since they are your main damage dealers. You will also get the ability to use Shatter more often and have it apply a confusion by speccing into Illusions which will make the build more flexible.


Healing – Ether Feast
Ether Feast takes advantage of the large number of Phantasms that you are going to have out and it is the best healing ability that you can get for this build.

Utility 1 – Signet of Domination

While the condition damage boost of this spell is useful, the stun is what you are really after and you will be using it often to keep wandering enemies from beating you down.

Utility 2 – Null Field

If you are getting blasted with conditional damage throw this out real quick and get some relief.

Utility 3 – Veil

Veil is useful for manoeuvring around large groups of enemies. It gives you the power to turn invisible several times during a fight which is a nice advantage when you are trying to avoid being hit.

Elite – Time Warp

Use Time Warp to get away when you are in danger.

For a Complete Set Of Builds For All Professions And A Step By Step Leveling Guide Head Over To GW2 Domination

Guild Wars 2 Ranger Profession Leveling Build

Posted by GW2Dominat Thursday September 20 2012 at 5:21AM
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In this post we are going to give you a Ranger Leveling build that should help you out in GW2, we are working our way through all the professions and first up we will cover all leveling builds. We have already covered the Warrior and the Thief if you are looking for them.

The Ranger is most effective while at long distance and focusing on single targets so that is what this build is all about.

This build will work very well if you stick to single targets but try not to get bogged down with too many mobs.



You should have both the Long Bow and the Short Bow to give you a wide range of distance attacks to choose from. You should never be in range of your enemies so you wouldn’t be able to benefit from the melee weapons that the ranger has available to him.


Trait Progression Order

  1. 1.      10 Marksmanship
  2. 2.      10 Skirmishing
  3. 3.      10 Marksmanship
  4. 4.      10 Skirmishing
  5. 5.      5 Marksmanship
  6. 6.      5 Skirmishing
  7. 7.      10 Nature Magic
  8. 8.      10 Wilderness Survival


Marksmanship will work wonders for boosting your base damage which is important since this isn’t a high condition build or a high crit build. You shouldn’t need to dodge that often so you can get a nice damage boost by throwing Steady Focus in the adept slot. Grab Eagle Eye for the Master spot to boost your Longbow range because that is going to be your primary damage dealing weapon most of the time.


Although you aren’t going to crit often, going into Skirmishing is necessary to boost your crit damage when it happens and to boost your overall damage by reducing the cooldown on your weapon skills. Get Sharpened Edges for your first trait to boost your crit damage even further and give you a nice damage tick even when you are running for your life. Quick Draw in the Master section is the reason you are going into this tree and the skill refresh boost is going to seriously increase overall damage.

Wilderness Survival

Since you aren’t going to be getting hit much focusing on this section for survival is not important. You are basically throwing 10 points into the tree to boost your pet’s damage so he will bring down foes faster.

Nature Magic

Nature magic is good for two different reasons, the regeneration you get when your health drops down to 75 percent will help keep you topped off when you take minor damage. Get Strength of Spirit as your trait to boost your damage a little further.


Healing – Heal as One

This is useful as a pet heal because he will be taking heavy damage most of the time.

Utility 1 – Quickening Zephyr

Use this ability if you have enemies getting too close to you. It will give you the speed to make a gap.

Utility 2 – Lightning Reflexes

Use this to build a gap as well when enemies start getting too close to you.

Utility 3 – Signet of Renewal

Mostly useful for getting conditions off you, you can throw them on your pet if they build up too quickly.

Elite – Rampage as One

Throw on Rampage as One to get a nice damage boost or to build up space between you and the enemy, but only use it as a spacer as a last resort.

*Note on Pets

When you are choosing pets you want to go with the ones that have the maximum toughness levels because they are going to be taking most of the damage for you since you will be running away all the time during fights.

For a Complete set of builds and a complete leveling guide to the game check out the GW2 Domination Guide…

Guild Wars 2 Trading Post Guide

Posted by GW2Dominat Tuesday September 18 2012 at 8:52AM
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In this post we will be having a look at the Trading Post in Guild Wars 2 and how to use it to make gold in the game. The Trading post in GW2 functions a lot differently to the Auction House in World of Warcraft that you may be familiar with.

One difference is that the items are shared across ALL servers allowing for more sales of YOUR items and also more choice when you are looking to buy.

The downside is that it means more competition and analysing the market can be tricky as things will change very quickly as items are bought, undercut and sold.

The trading post interface is divided into 4 tabs which are the Main Trading post tab, Sell tab, Transactions tab and The Pick Up tab.

You use the main trading post tab to buy items from other players. If you have a look at the stats on the items you will be able to see which ones are most in demand. These are the top valued items and if you post these at decent prices you are almost guaranteed sales.

You will find that normally the best-selling items are Vials, Ore, Cloth and Dye.

If you flip to the Sell tab you will be able to list your items for sale and conveniently the tab will already list the items from your inventory that you can actually sell.

You have 3 options for selling which are:

Match Highest Buyer – This will match the item to buyers that have already placed orders for the item.

Match Lowest Seller – This will place the item for sale at the same price as the lowest price item of that type on the Trading post.

You also have custom where you can pick what to sell it for.

The Transactions tab will tell you all the items that you have bought and sold while the Pick-up tab allows you to pick up items you have bought.

Bear in mind that you will have to visit a Trading post merchant in a city to be able to pick up your items or collect gold.

Here is a video that will explain The Trading Post further:

GW2 Trading Post Guide:

For a complete guide to the Trading post in GW2, leveling guide and profession guide check out >>


Guild Wars 2 Thief Profession Leveling Build

Posted by GW2Dominat Monday September 17 2012 at 12:46PM
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In this post we will be looking at the Thief and I will give you a build that you can use for leveling in GW2. The Thief as the name suggests is in and out without a trace and this build will rely on a high crit rate to get the job done like an assassin.

If you are looking for a profession that runs in all guns blazing then check out the Warrior Leveling Build.


The main thing to remember when you are using the Thief is that they work very well with single targets and get decent damage BUT if you are faced with loads of enemies you can quickly get overwhelmed, so nice and slowly using this build and single mobs out.


This build works best with Dual Daggers as your main weapon set and dual pistols as your secondary. The daggers are great for high damage crits and the pistols work well when your life is low or enemies are fleeing.


Trait Progression Order

  1. 15 Critical Strikes
  2. 10 Shadow Arts
  3. 5 Trickery
  4. 5 Critical Strikes
  5. 10 Shadow Arts
  6. 5 Critical Strikes
  7. 10 Shadow Arts
  8. 10 Trickery

Critical Strikes

You need to put points in this tree all the way up to 25 to boost your initial damage with First Strikes. Hidden Killer is the most important ability for this entire build because it dramatically increases your crit chance from stealth. You should also invest in Executioner to make finishing your enemies after the initial boost much quicker. This tree is important for the build also because of the additional crit chance and it provides with precision and crit damage with prowess.

Shadow Arts

Shadow arts is all about maintaining your stealth, survival and improving your power while you are stealthing. Infusion of Shadow and Patience will help you maintain the initiative that you need to get off all those high powered moves. The Grandmaster ability Hidden Thief is going to allow you to jump back into stealth using Steal and this is important if you are facing additional enemies because it allows you to get those crits off during the middle of a fight.


A small investment in Trickery will boost your conditional damage while giving you a useful way out of fights with Caltrops thanks to Uncatchable. By boosting the tree up to 15 you will gain additional initiative that you need to completely finish off your foes.


Healing – Hide in Shadows

This ability is perfect for when you need to make an escape or get some debuffs off your character. Simply use it to slip into stealth and you will shed burning, poison and bleeding damage.

Utility 1 – Signet of Agility

The enhanced crit rate of this ability is why you have it, but feel free to use it if you are in need of some endurance as well.

Utility 2 – Shadow Trap

Set a trap and vanish and appear after it has been triggered to continue dealing damage.

Utility 3 – Shadow Refuge

This skill is good for protecting yourself and getting a little life back when you are dropping down low.

Elite – Basilisk Venom

Use Basilisk Venom to incapacitate additional enemies when you are getting overwhelmed.

If you are looking for a COMPLETE leveling guide to the game and builds for ALL professions then check out >>

Guild Wars 2 Thief Profession Guide

Posted by GW2Dominat Wednesday September 5 2012 at 6:15AM
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This post will give you an overview of the Thief profession in Guild Wars 2 to help you decide what profession you want to go with. The main thing to remember with GW2 and what makes it different to a lot of other MMO’s out there is that you are not tied to just one style of play.

Normally you have to decide whether to be Healer, Tank or DPS however in GW2 you will find that all professions will have healing abilities and the main difference is that the weapons you have in your main hand and your off hand will govern what skills you have.

Looking At The Thief In GW2:

If you are going to play the Thief in GW2 then you will use a resource called initiative and you will always have at least one initiative free ability that will not cost anything to use.

The unique thing about the Thief is that you will be able to steal things from enemies and other players. They will give you unique abilities that you can use once. The item or ability you get depends on your enemies’ level and the weapon they have.

You will also be one of the faster professions and of course you have a stealth mode which is handy.

The main thing you need to watch for with the Thief is the weapon you use in your main and off hand as with this profession it matters a lot what weapons you have equipped as it will change your skills.

The main weapons that you can use are Swords, Daggers and Pistols and if you want a two handed weapon you can go for the Short bow.

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