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Free Realms Developer Blog

In Free Realms, players are free to do or be anything: Fight like a ninja, cook a tasty meal, raise a pet, battle goblins, set out on epic quests or connect with friends through a safe, social networking site.

Author: FreeRealms

Free Realms Welcomes Players HOME!

Posted by FreeRealms Friday December 4 2009 at 4:44PM
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Hi, I’m Darrin McPherson, a Senior Game Designer on the Free Realms development team and I am here to give you some more details on an upcoming new feature– Player Houses! You heard me right! Players will soon be able to own their own homes in Free Realms. Meant to give you a little space in the world (or a big space depending on the house you buy) to call your own, player housing will allow you to get really creative with your interior and exterior decorating skills. You can also invite friends over to show off your new pad or throw a house party and go wild!

Our team has been working hard so that owning a home will be a fun experience for all of our players. Our artists have been hard at work building unique furniture and decorations so that you can make your house look just how you want it to. And, while our artists have been busy creating items, our programmers have focused on making it easy to place and move your items and decorations within your house.

Items for your home are not just about couches, desks and tables – that stuff is cool, but come on, where is the really cool stuff? A group of our artists and designers have been specifically tasked with creating a load of fun, extraordinary items that you can buy like a gumball machine, jukebox, aquarium or even a full blown fountain! Other “fun items” vary wildly, from a talking stone head to an enormous rocket ship that will launch when you tell it to.

You’ll also want to be certain to check out the Mega Dance Floor which is sure to be the center of any house party. And of course, no party would be complete without an AHSA (Automatic Head Size Augmenter) which makes the heads of all the players and pets in your home grow huge.


Everyone who plays Free Realms will get a free apartment that they can live in and decorate. Members also get a free two room house complete with a yard. There is also a deluxe house that can be purchased.

And this is just the beginning …We have big plans for the future of Free Realms houses, so stay tuned!

Darrin McPherson
Sr. Game Designer
Free Realms

Holgranth writes:

Hmm first thing I have heard about FR in months

Sat Dec 05 2009 4:55PM Report
Mysk writes:

Ah, I saw the word "HOME" in caps and I thought that this may have something to do with PSN Home.  That would have been a bit interesting.

...though, come to think of it, the people on there are typically disgusting and/or quite offensive.  Maybe it's for the best that it's not related. lol

Sat Dec 05 2009 11:13PM Report
GPrestige writes:

I heard this game is bad. Confirm/Deny

Sun Dec 06 2009 11:25PM Report
biogerm writes:

hmmm is not that is bad, its just a bunch of mini games with a 3d world lobby. just boring id call it.

Mon Dec 07 2009 10:09AM Report
galapagos writes:

It is what it is.  Not really the fare that people who frequent this forum would play, but great for children and not so serious gamers.

  I use the game to teach English as a second language to kids, and it has been an absolute boon! 

Mon Dec 07 2009 10:58AM Report
spyderbite writes:

It's a great distraction from the "grind" that today's MMO's seem to dish out. I love logging in for a couple hours each week and just Kart Racing other players. Its like Mario Kart but with much more sophisticated graphics. /shrugs

Fri Dec 11 2009 4:41PM Report writes:
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