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Free Realms Developer Blog

In Free Realms, players are free to do or be anything: Fight like a ninja, cook a tasty meal, raise a pet, battle goblins, set out on epic quests or connect with friends through a safe, social networking site.

Author: FreeRealms

Ponies, Dinos & Dragons…Oh My!

Posted by FreeRealms Thursday November 19 2009 at 5:56PM
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Ok, so in Free Realms we have lots of friendly dogs and cute cats that you can adopt and train (even some ghost pets too). And, while the canine and feline pet variations are pretty cool, we have been secretly working on several new breeds of exotic pets for you to have fun with.

Initially when the development team took on the task of designing new pets, the whole character team sat down together and we started throwing out ideas left and right. What would make for some crazy and unique pets? From alpacas and zebras, to turtles and porcupines, we had all kinds of zany suggestions.

Once we had our brainstorm session, we combined our ideas with what the community team had compiled from player requests. This gave us a good idea of whether we were on track or not. We did concept drawings of several of these and picked out what we thought the players would like the most.

So, the next game update will bring you some awesomely adorable companions to choose from:


Ponies!        Pegasi!               Unicorns!

For the more reptilian friendly, we will release two types of flying dragons and a cute triceratops.


When we started building these new pets, we wanted to make sure they were very different from what you can find in any pet store. As you can see they are very colorful, distinct and whimsical.

Each of these new pets has their own set of tricks and will show off their specialties with some fun shenanigans - dragons breathe fire and unicorns “tinkle” rainbows! We’ve had a blast making them and can’t wait for everyone to get their paws on the new Free Realms pets! ?


Hmmm...I still think a platypus would be cool...

Matt Case
Lead Character Artist
Free Realms

Bryganator writes:

Sev Kenek from FreeRealms here..

Psyched about  the dragons. And the sneak peak of what seems to be more player housing content in the dragon pic is supa excitin'


" Hmmm...I still think a platypus would be cool... "

Matt Case
Lead Character Artist

That statement gave me the incentive to post here.  Please Matt Case, use your artistic swaying powers to make this creature appear in the Sacred Grove.

A platypus would be the most amazing pet to ever own virtually in the history of my gaming.

Thu Nov 19 2009 8:48PM Report
Swoogie writes:

You know, Ive tried Free Realms several times and it is always laggy. I dont know why but it is and for that reason, I have never really been able to play. Its unfortunate because I would give the game a very fair shot. Anyone know what I lag like this? And its not because i need more beans.

Fri Nov 20 2009 2:32AM Report
DarkPony writes:

Ponies? :O

Fri Nov 20 2009 4:29AM Report
crm2790 writes:

Very cool new pets, especially the Pegasus. =)

Fri Dec 04 2009 12:30AM Report
Skuz writes:

Shame the game that set out to be Free with a Premium on some classes is getting the modern-day equivalent to an NGE.

SoE...."Only WE can f**k up our own games THIS badly!"

SoE you need to stop screwing the pooch with your games, you are innovators & genre definers who keep on shooting themselves in the damn foot all the time, just stop, or fire John Smedley, he's lost touch with the gaming & only sees the $$ now.

Mon Dec 07 2009 5:29AM Report
elusivex writes:

I refuse to give Sony money.  I don't buy any Sony products anymore.    You guys ruin every mmorpg you touch.

You never advertise on TV and advertise poorly on the net.  

You nerf games /conent/character class's without reason.

Everquest 2 was a good game but you made it anal retentive.

Free Realms is not Free!

Smedley needs fired the  dude has no clue.

Sat May 15 2010 4:19PM Report writes:
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