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Free Realms Developer Blog

In Free Realms, players are free to do or be anything: Fight like a ninja, cook a tasty meal, raise a pet, battle goblins, set out on epic quests or connect with friends through a safe, social networking site.

Author: FreeRealms


Posted by FreeRealms Friday September 18 2009 at 6:26PM
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Keeping in shape can be hard when a majority of your time is spent working or going to school. Forget a work out buddy. Get a whole team! Well, at least that's what I did! Playing soccer with the SOE soccer team has made it really easy for me to keep in shape because I feel like people are relying on me to be there. Not only has it prepared me physically, but it prepared me mentally for the creation of the Soccer Star job that will be introduced in the upcoming Free Realms game update, Goal Time!

I'm sure you've heard quite a bit about the new job and its arcade-like soccer game. It's been an interesting project for me as a designer because it's the first job that is related to a sport. Lots of pressure, but I think it has turned out quite well. We've really tried to take all the aspects of soccer that make you feel like a team come to life.

As you progress through the quest line, I hope you feel like you're improving and getting challenged by the higher tier teams. I tried to play off the rivalry between teams and how much competition can drive that. There's a bit of a story throughout the quest line and I could go on and on about the lore behind the job, but I'd rather not spoil it! Hopefully, you will be able to play through it and tell me what the story is!

Now, I know what you really can't wait for is the awesome gear that will be available. What kind of soccer player would you be without your cleats? Oh, and don't forget your shin guards! Safety is key.

Throughout the quest line, you'll receive two full outfits. These outfits include a bandana, jersey, shorts, cleats, and shin guards. You can also buy gear from the market place, and merchants just outside the soccer field! On top of that, you can spend tickets in the vault to get gear. There are some really neat designs on the outfits with plenty of color options! So sport your jersey with pride.

When I'm picking gear, I'm always worried about the stats. Sometimes, I have to pick gear that isn't really my style just so that I have the best gear. In Free Realms soccer, you won't have to choose looks over stats or vice versa! All your stats will be on accessories and shards, including some super cool kick animations! This means that you can pick whatever appearance you like best without having to give up any awesome stats.

I bet you want to know what kind of stats you'll be able to get! Well, there are five stats in soccer: kick power, footwork, speed, toughness, and tackle power. Most of them are self explanatory, but footwork and speed can be a little confusing, so I thought I'd give you a little heads up. Footwork is your speed when you have the ball, and speed is your speed without the ball.

One more thing! Don't forget to dodge and charge up your kicks. Dodging will let you avoid getting tackled. Charging up your kicks will not only allow you to kick that soccer ball into the goal, it will also let you do some fancy kick animations.

With all that cleared up, I think you're ready for the kick off! Hopefully, you'll have more stamina than me. I'm always asking, "When's halftime?"

Margaret Krohn, Game Designer, Free Realms

j1flaw writes:

I'm tapping my foot waiting for this to be released. Sports + MMO = win

Wed Sep 23 2009 12:42PM Report
EATtheDEAD writes:

free-realms is only free to an extent. if you want to get certain things or become certain things you gotta pay! so it should be called semifree-realms

Fri Feb 05 2010 3:53PM Report writes:
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