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Free Realms Developer Blog

In Free Realms, players are free to do or be anything: Fight like a ninja, cook a tasty meal, raise a pet, battle goblins, set out on epic quests or connect with friends through a safe, social networking site.

Author: FreeRealms

Harvest Coin with New Jackpot Plants? Yes, please!

Posted by FreeRealms Friday May 28 2010 at 4:01PM
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Hey guys, Referee Ruby here again... this time to tell you about all kinds of new stuff!
This week will see the return of archer items to the Marketplace.
New School Molten Bow
New School Scoped Stalker Bow
New School Skull Strike Hoodie
New School Spider Shot Hoodie
Next we’ve got some new hoverboards! Here are the Dwarftech Hoverboards (550 SC each)
Colors you can choose from are:
Green, Red, Pink, Black, Yellow, Orange, Blue
And here are the Clockwork Hoverboards (550 SC each)
Colors you can choose from are:
Green, Red, Pink, Black, Yellow, Orange, Blue
AND, You too can own one of Chatty’s Treeble pals for the low, low price of 500 SC!
We’ll also be seeing the addition of the Jackpot Plant today. This is a pretty neat new feature, but fairly complex for a housing item.  Jackpot Plants can be purchased from the Station Cash marketplace for 300 SC or 270 SC for members.
Once you drop a plant in your house, it cannot be removed. You can move it around like normal furniture, but it cannot be put back in your inventory.
Just like regular plants, Jackpot Plants need to be watered or they’ll wither away. You can do this by clicking the plant.
Here you’ll see the plant with a full water level. Watering a plant will always set it back to full, no matter what it was at previously.
After 4 hours the plant’s water level will go from full to half.
At 14 hours th e water level will be at empty, and after 24 hours with no watering, the plant will wither.
If the plant is at the Medium or Large size level, it will also drop a size after 24 hours. After 48 hours it will drop another size.
If properly watered, the plants will eventually become harvestable.
The plants start in the Bare state, and after 12 hours will change to the Budding state.
After 23 hours, the plant will be in the Bloom state, and players will be able to harvest the coins.
When a plant is harvested, it will increase in size from Small to Medium, and then Medium to Large.
Large plants will stay Large after being harvested.
The amount of coins harvested from the plant will increase with the size.
Small plants will give 500 coins.
Medium plants will give 700 coins.
Large plants will give 1,000 coins.
After 30 days, the plant will change into the Expired state. This will happen no matter what condition the plant was in previously, and can be identified by the leaf particle effect on the plant. When they are expired, they cannot be watered or harvested.
Once the owner of the plant clicks on it, the plant will disappear and a Golden Jackpotted Plant will be added to the player’s inventory instead. This item cannot be interacted with, but it looks shiny and can be sold for 2,500 coins.
Friends who visit your house can also get in on the plant watering action. A plant can be watered by a friend (meaning someone who doesn’t own the plant) every 15 minutes. Friends receive 50 coins for every plant that they water. Players can water 25 plants that they do not own within a 24 hour period. This timer starts from the first plant watered.
Plants also have a Friend Counter feature that increases every time a friend waters the plant. For each friend that waters the plant, this counter will increase by 1 (Up to a total of 25.) When the player harvests their plant, the player will receive bonus coins.
Friend Counter
Let the coin farming begin!
Oops, someone already beat us too it. There are a couple “Coin Farmer” NPCs scattered around now. Talk to them and they’ll send you to the marketplace to buy coins.
That’s not suspicious at all...
See you in game!
Referee Ruby

Back to the Future with Free Realms HOVERBOARDS!

Posted by FreeRealms Thursday May 27 2010 at 4:00PM
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Oh, hey guys! Hey guys! I'm Ruby and I'm a Free Realms Referee! You can usually find me at Crossroads, I like hanging out there because I can meet all the new players and give them hi-fives.
Right now, I’m just chilling on the MOST AWESOME HOVERBOARD EVER!
Yeah, it’s pretty sweet. This is an ATH, or an All-Terrain Hoverboard. Land, water, air… no problem.
Sure, it hovers, and that’s awesome on its own…but guess what? It can also do tricks! Press the space bar while you’re cruising around and you’ll do some sweet moves.

So that right there is double awesome. But we aren’t done yet. Nope, we’re taking it up to TRIPLE AWESOME!!! Try it out on a launch pad to see what your Hoverboard can really do.

Jealous yet? Ready to get your own? Just head over to the Rides section of the Station Cash Marketplace, or the Stables outside of Sanctuary to pick one up! While you’re there, talk to my buddy Durn Cogspinner. He can tell you some pretty cool stuff about where Hoverboards came from. Ooh, mysterious…
Hmm… also mysterious.
Here’s the Precursor Hoverboard. It’s my faves.
But if you’re like not feeling the blue, you can check out the Molten Precursor Board. It’s pretty sweet too.
Yeah…I guess you could say I’m pretty much the master of hoverboards. Like, I haven’t really met anyone that matches my skill or anything.
Whoa, hey. Hang on.
Okay, okay…I got this.
Yep. Pretty much the master.  
See you in game,
Referee Ruby