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MMORPG according to my head...

This is just a space where I can put down my ideas of MMORPG and everything MMORPG related that is in my head.

Author: Forcan

Topic #002 - Quest/Mission system (Part 1)

Posted by Forcan Friday February 8 2008 at 5:14AM
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First of all, thanks for those who posted in my first blog with their thoughts on the idea.  I must say that I didn't know the idea was already done before in some way.  I'll take that in mind and continue to work on refining the concept. 



Today I am going to post another concept for a system that I think needs to be redesign - the Quest/Mission system.

So far all I ever see is the big [?] above NPCs and players go and pick up quests to do.  The present quest system includes the "mundane quests" which consist of "kill x creature, bring y item back...", and some interesting quests related to either background story or character's class.

Even though it is an ok system, I think it can be improve upon.

First a question, how many here read books, novels?  And how many read online novels?  A related question, how many here can read Chinese?  And read Chinese online novels?

Why did I ask the questions? because my idea of the Quest/Mission system is gathered through my reading of Chinese online novels.


*The general concept is the same, but here I will use a fantasy setting to get my points across.*

Many of the Chinese online novel describe a world with many nations and many organization.  Thre are those organization that can be adapt into a MMO design.  What I'm talking about is NPC guild that are setup to handle the "mundane quests", which I prefer to call them "missions/tasks".

So when follow this way of thinking, you can have a detail system where there can be a NPC guild for the adventurers/explorers, a NPC guild for the hunters (includes Bounty Hunter), a NPC guild for mercenaries (solo, duo, group), and so on and so forth (there will be NPC guild for merchants which includes crafters).

The system will be set up for the new players to be able to earn currency in game, and earn experience (for either skill or class/level based system), fame and reputation for different nations and factions.

Each NPC guilds will have influences in different region due to the landscape difference.  But basically in major cities, towns on the major trade routes, and even some small village will have certain NPC guild there to keep the peace by offering missions etc... 

There will be a place for Player Guilds, but I will get into that next time...

I have documents which show my idea in more detail (such as the different NPC guilds, what they offer as missions/tasks)



After separate the Missions/Tasks from the Quests, I believe that Quests shouldn't become a way to gain experience, but rather to gain an understanding of the history/story of the game world, and gain reputations which can give title to (i.e. kill the dragon, gain title of dragon slayer of <insert town/region here>).  The following is a 1 page description to what I've mentioned so far (the NPC guild mission/task system

Topic #001 - Skill-based profession system

Posted by Forcan Friday January 25 2008 at 5:49AM
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From now on I will be posting some of my idea and concepts on game design. 

Since I do not know if these design would work or not (due to that I am but a student working on a game design major), so any comments are welcome.


So the topic for today is ... Detail view of skill-based system in my head.



Details on skill system:



This is similar, but not that much, in compare to the old level system (level 1 – XX).  This system is only for those who like to know how far they are in their progression of skills and jobs, not an actual indicator for your combat level and whatnot.  I would rather call it a ranking system.  It shows you where you are ranked by the standard of the game world.  (i.e. a Amateur Swordsman is the lowest rank of a swordsman, thus is excluded from certain quest and jobs from the in-game guilds.  And beyond Expert Swordsman is the ranking for Master Skill Ranks.  These will indicate what kind of quests/jobs they can or cannot take.)  This is by no mean that if you are a Bronze Swordsman that you’ll never be able to beat a Golden Swordsman, for player skill is equally important when it comes to PvP.  But it does mean that you need to be prepared before enter into combat.


Here’s the broken down list of each level/rank.







**** (From this point forwards are the melee “MASTER” skill level title ranks)







Within each level/rank, there are 10 minor levels with 3 ranks (Low, Mid, High).  This will work into PvP and PvE (quest/mission/job) system.



Weapon Specialization

This is an important idea in this game.  In order to show in detail for players to know how to play their character, we’ll focus on weapon specializations. 


Bare-hand:                                          fist/palm/finger, (claw)blade-claw/tri-claw/dual-claw

Swords/Blade/Axe/Dagger:                  Strength(heavy 2h, heavy 1h)/Normal(2h, 1h)/Speed(lite 2h, lite 1h)

Pike/Stave/Blade/Hammer/Axe:           Strength(heavy)/Normal(regular)/Speed(lite)

Bow/Arrow:                                         Strength(heavy)/Normal(regular)/Speed(lite)


These are to give melee some more customization and ways to specialize and choose the way their character plays.  This will help in balance and have less complains who is the FOTM, since each has their function.


Magic Specialization

Same as Weapon, the Magic users will have to given some specializations. 



Who says that melee can’t have range attack? (not just throw weapon or such).  If you have read any Eastern-influenced online novels (of course it’s in Chinese), or even watch some anime such as Dragonball and Saint Seiya, you’ll see that even the fighters/warriors have some sort of energy and use it to do long range attack.  I think it will bring some interesting idea into MMO if we can define such energy.

In Chinese the general term is Chi (?, ??/??).  These are the inner energy of which everyone has, and they can use it to support them in combat.  What if this energy/chi can be one of the skills?

So if we use the upper chart, then for each chart, we get 100 point per chart, and I’m thinking of adding 5 pts cost to push through to next level/rank, so that’s 150 per chart.  And melee, magic, and non-combat are all the same.  Chi/Energy would fall under melee for chart, but it is in its separate system in skill points.  By this standard, we can make it so that it’s not until Expert that you can have a long range chi/energy attack.

The preset skill points are 450, which means you can maximum have 3 masters, depends how you use it. 


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